Dangerous Beauty

Today was a rather interesting day. It’s Superbowl Sunday, with the NY Giants VS the NE Patriots, I don’t watch Football normally, however I found myself rooting for the Giants. Sure enough, they won, and then, Life will resume as normal, interestingly enough, Stephanie came by and gave us loads of food for lunch. It seems like tomorrow, we’ll be having left-overs for lunch. So now I find myself reflecting upon the last time I wrote an entry. So now, I have plans to speak to Prof. Marsella to finally straighten out the dilemma with my grade.

Heh, I was chatting with Harlan a couple of days ago, and he threw out how I should go to this speed dating thing, I told him I was alright, which reminded me of Nate saying that I’m Passive-aggressive in terms of finding girlfriends. He said that I ‘always was alright’ which got me to thinking about when I should start actively seeking out a girl. A question to which, I didn’t know the answer to. To  seek a girlfriend… hmmm… a rather interesting pursuit.

For now, I need to focus my energy on becoming a doctor. Once that happens, I can start living my life, in a manner that I see fit, until then however, I must study hard and do well on the MCAT, and then apply to Medical school, *Sigh* This is going to be interesting. I really doubt I’ll get in on my first attempt, however I will not withhold anything in my attempt to do so. I’ll apply to as many schools as I think would help, and if/when I don’t get in, I’ll accept my defeat and try again the following year. I don’t know what I’ll do from one defeat to the next attempt… or even if–… GAH! Too many variables to ponder over this with! I have to remain calm and trust in my faith and abilities.

I have friends who can help me, I can do this. I’m not alone in this fight. My fight. My path, my journey, my goal, my Destiny. My Life.

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