…and the Dead Walk again

Tomorrow is the return of Walking Dead, as I am a Zombie fan/Future survivor, I’m glad to see this show come back.

Also reflecting from that point, I’ve been keeping up with my exercises fairly well, it’s been a week and I’ve just introduced interval running into my regime. Unfortunately, my run was interrupted, but now I know exactly how I’m going to run the next time I do this.

So this will complete my exercise routine, 3 days Weight-lifting, 2 days Interval running. For weight-lifting, My Press is 50 lbs, Shoulders are 10 lbs, Rows are 30 lbs, Biceps are 10 lbs, I can Plank 30 sec., Squats are with all of the weights we currently have (so I’m personally happy with that!), and my count with leg raising exercises is 10, I should be able to aim for 12, and this is the first set. I can do 2 sets currently, along with some 30 sec. stretches. For the interval run, I’ve realized that 8 is roughly 70% of my max speed, so each interval will be increased by 0.5 increments, and with this I think that I’ll reduce my walking from 2 minutes to 90 seconds each, that should be sufficient without my slowing down too much.

And all this ties to my ideas of being able to survive the Zombie apocalypse, if/should it ever happen. I think this was inspired by a dual dose of finding Nerd Fitness and this:
For some reason, This particular image has stuck with me, in my mind, I can imagine some better form of myself, saying this to Current me. I’m grateful to have found this, and through this fictional opponent that stands before me, I can see myself sticking to this exercise routine, and eventually picking up Martial Arts. Things are looking up for my physical health, now once Greggy gets better, I’ll be able to resume my reading and try to improve my mental state, and hopefully spiritual.

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