Level 1 Working to Level 2

Thanks to Nerdfitness, I’m probably going to relate all aspects of my life into video games, in one form or another. I’ve reviewed my Life Goals list, and found that I haven’t yet achieved anything on that list. I know I’m working towards it, and it’ll take time, but it’s funny to consider myself a Level 1 class Human in Life.

I’m in the middle of the OChem section of the MCAT book, and I must say that this got really confusing, really fast. I have to do some serious reviewing of this and of the Chem section, because it’s just too difficult to understand this time around. However, I believe that after I’ve gone through the book this time, I can review and focus on my weakest points and really, thoroughly review them.

Today is Ash Wednesday, and I’m currently typing this with holy ashes on my forehead, and I still don’t know what to give up for Lent this season. I’ve posted a question on Art of Manliness, to see what responses I’ll get. Because I feel I must give up something.

I find myself tying up loose ends now, I’ve found the card of those guys who bought my car so they can put my worries at ease, that the Tbird is no longer under my name. Also I’ve left a message with the UCR Registrar’s office to finalize my grade change. All that’s left is to have my transcripts mailed to LSU and I’m done. Another thing, I’ve thought about, was finalizing my decision to go to D.O. school. With my past checkered with barely escaping not passing, I believe that D.O. schools will be more forgiving, not to mention that in the end, there is no difference, and regardless of what I have after my name, I will be the best Doctor I can be.

Well I have to go and strive to achieve Level 2 somehow, I think that if I become a doctor, I’ll jump to Level 3? or be at 50% towards Level 3? Or perhaps, it’ll just officially change my class like Cecil becoming a Paladin from a Dark Knight? Just increases and changes my responsibilities and granting me healing powers instead of changing my Level?… Perhaps.

In either case, I think I’ll go exercise right now, as I forgot to do it yesterday, due to Stephanie’s tearful Farewell. I’m shocked to feel somewhat effected by it, although she hugged me, what I think was the longest out of all of us, save for Greggy, I’m just concerned for her safety. I hope she turns out alright and is able to move on from this horrible experience that is my Brother.

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