A day off… or two

Yesterday, Norm and I rented movies, and the day before, I finished the section and Practice test of Ochem, and I was going to start Physics section, but with these movies, I’ve decided to take a break, Physics was always easy for me, heh, for the most part, and although I think I’m going to need the book in the future, I’m going to just see how well I can do. I think Baby might have her physics book, so if need be, I can ask her for it, if not study with her.

Heh, I’m currently enjoying the Godfather saga being played on AMC, man, that is just a good movie, from the beginning to the end. I know one day, I will own the saga.

On Nerdfitness, I’ve read a rather inspirational article about the impending challenges one faces in life, it was translated into the Dragon, the symbol of the greatest challenge. It made me think that the MCAT is my Dragon, and then it went on and said to not stop with 1 dragon, true Dragon-Slayers are not content with a single kill, a true warrior of the trade journeys to face all of the dragons that lie along one’s path.

I’ve looked at my Life Goals, and have modified them to reflect Trials of Classes via Final Fantasy V jobs, One of my favorite Final Fantasies out of all of them, I’ve always had a fascination with Job change, in games, and I think that modifying this is allowing me to fully mix the Nerd in me with the Ambitious one, I think I’ve found my center in Life.

I’ve always been a character out of a Final Fantasy game, and now, I can fully feel at peace, I just have to make sure I have my solid grasp on Reality and Final Fantasy.

So tomorrow, I will resume my studies of science and resume my exercises– err Training.

Oh, and I think I’ve gotten Norm a vent for all of his ideas through the making of his own Blog. Now, I’m off to try to finish listening to all of the Zelda Reorchestrated songs, I got.

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