Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

I just finished Jury Service last week and I must say that sitting in there can be quite boring, so naturally my mind went to focus on the observations that can be found in a Court of Law, as well as some doodling…

  1. Life isn’t what you see on T.V. – This is the first and foremost observation, I’ve realized while sitting in Jury Duty. T.V. is an exaggeration out of a pure desire for ratings, there are no surprize witnesses, nor will there be a piece of evidence that causes the Jury panel to gasp in shock, nor will the Councillors yell and argue and raise their voice so that everyone can hear them. (although that last part almost happened, which made it almost interesting). You’re taught to retain your composure, and keep calm in all professional situations. Otherwise, you’ll lose the respect of people around you, and in a court of law, your responses will be met with disapproval.
  2. Certainty above all things.– When the Defendant was up, as well as other witnesses, both Councillors asked them questions, and only the witnesses that responded with confidence were ‘marked’, if not observed, as speaking the truth. This is true due to the idea that their statements were solid nor were there any mix ups and they even were able to throw in a small joke here and there to ensure their confidence in their answers. To take from this, “Fake it until you make it” seems most appropriate, If you look like you know what you’re doing, then people will often believe that you do.
  3. Respect authority. – During the Trial, the Councillors had to ask permission from the Judge to approach the Witness for anything, but when  they didn’t, the Judge reminded them with a rather stern voice, “Councillor, you did not ask to approach the witness.” To which, the Councillor would apologize for. However, when they asked at the appropriate time, the Judge would reply “Yes you may, and you need not ask for permission in the future for this witness.” Things can slip from one’s mind during any situation, and that’s natural, even forgivable, except when it comes to asking for permission. Yet those in authority will not hesitate to put you in your place, but when you keep yourself in check, not only do you get what you’ve desired, but there’s always a possibility for an additional reward simply because you’ve decided to exert courtesy over impulse.
  4. Learn from the people you interact with, regardless of how brief. – After the Trial, the Bailiff asked if anyone wanted to stay so that the  Councillors can talk to them about the case. I, along with 2 other people, whom I’ve befriended, decided to stay, and we spoke with the 2 Councillors and learned a lot about their perspectives, strategies, and discussed briefly on what we thought they should do for the next case, to help them out. I was quite amazed to see both of them do this, as I have not done this before. The Defense Council directly asked us what we thought he should do, in hopes of finding out where in his strategy he can fix, and he was really professional about it. He lost, but he took that loss as an opportunity to learn.
  5. Focus on the Task at Hand. – This is meant for us in our deliberations. I thought it was a clear-cut case, as in terms of what we were supposed to find whether or not the Defendant was guilty in specific terms, yet, during the deliberations, 2 jurors disagreed, with the rest of us. Their stance on uncertainty was unfounded as they thought outside what they were supposed to. Placing speculations upon their reasoning caused us to deliberate for a total of 1.5 days. To this day, I still don’t know why they thought that way because their reasoning for not reaching a verdict was because of stuff that was outside the instructions. They starting saying, “Well, maybe this or that…” etc, and it was somewhat frustrating because we tried explaining to them that they were speculating, which is something they’re not allowed to do! Heh, suffice to say, that it irked a couple of us, although we kept each other in check. In the end, those 2 were the first ones out of the room.
  6. Make friends, it’ll make the experience a LOT easier. – placing 12 random people in a room together can get quite uncomfortable, yet by sharing a common experience, or burden in this case, they can find common ground and can even make friends, depending on their open mindedness, or willing to do so. Initially, I kept to myself, then I had lunch with someone from the panel, and then 2 more, and at the last day, 10 of us were eating Pizza together. We were laughing, telling jokes and comfortable with one another. I eventually exchanged numbers with 2 of them thinking that we should hang out and have a mini “Juror reunion”. But the point of it is that, Jury service would seem a LOT longer, a lot more aggravating and a lot more boring, if I hadn’t eaten lunch with them. By the system picking people at random, you can see different backgrounds, different perspectives on life, and even different sides to people that you’d never thought possible. And who knows, perhaps you can meet that special someone on a Jury panel.

Well, that’s about all I can remember, oh, and try not to get caught! But all joking aside, this is an example of how one can try to learn something from an experience that many people deem a “waste of time”. One thing that the Judge said that I won’t forget, “People hate Jury Service and Lawyers, until they need them.”


So we wait for October

Today was the last episode for this season of the Walking Dead. and MAN, was it a good one! I had enjoyed every minute of it. The sad part is that the next season won’t happen until October… Sigh… It’s going to be a long 7 months.

Today was really nothing special, although I’ve gotten further in Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, and I’m getting better, Much better! Tomorrow, I’m going to resume my training and resume my path on becoming a stronger person, a Warrior. And when the opportunity rises, I’ll find a dojo and move from Warrior class to Monk class, and get stronger there!

Tomorrow, I have Jury Duty, and will be spending my mornings waking up early and fighting traffic, to get to the courthouse. Hmm… I better make my coffee early then. Well at least with the training, I can stay clean and focused like I used to, but I’ve gotta say, not working out has made life a lot slower, and quite a bit more dull, but I’ll finally be back to the weights, Heh, I guess it shouldn’t feel this epic to get back in there, seeing as to how I was only sick for a week.

Well for now, this Wandering Warrior needs a shower and a shave.

Laughing in the Rain

Today I saw Casa de mi Padre with Lily, and we talked for 3 hours afterwards, I have missed her. Of all of my friends, I can, oddly enough, confide in her without any hesitation, and she’s terrible at these heart-to-heart talks and moments, but I feel that her lack of ability to provide assistance somewhat comforting, if not reassuring.

I know of all things, I can comfort others, and yet when I need to be comforted, I turn to someone who can’t.

On a side note, it rained rather ferociously today, and I loved every minute of it! It’s raining right now and the sound is so soothing. I wonder why I’m so fascinated with the weather, or the elements for that matter. I can stare at a fire for hours, I can stand in the rain forever if I could.

All in all, I have mastered certain parts of my character, while needing to master others, I have realized that I’m still young, so I must try harder to fight off these demons. Ok, it’s late, or early, I have to sleep, I need rest.

A familiar feeling

Today, Norm, Greggy, and myself played a quick game of Warhamer, it was fun, we did the Mad Mage scenario, which resulted in a draw, but it was fun trying it all over again.

This week, I’ve made some new friends on NF, these guys are cool, and some of the women in there are awfully cute! I think that if they have a meet-up, I’m really inclined to go.

Let’s see, on my exercise routine, I’m VERY happy to type that I’m able to perform 9 clap Push-ups, when I started it, I BARELY did 5 and now I’m at 9, this is amazing! I’m going to keep going to see how many Clap Push-ups I can do at the end of my 6-week challenge! Maybe if I reach 30, I’ll attempt to switch the 1-Handed rows to Pull-ups!

Things are indeed looking up, Thurs, I filled out the Volunteer application at the Riverside community hospital where hopefully I can get a job at, but we’ll see… I’m getting a little more concerned as June approaches. Not only for the MCAT test, but for my loans will start asking for their money back.

So now, I will try to see my Ochem grade resolved, finally, and then I will focus on a continued job search. We’ll see where this goes.

They kinda make a cute couple…

Today, I spoke with my Hermanita, and it’s been a while since I’ve last spoken with her. To my surprize, she has gotten a boyfriend! Well, sorta, she and the guy, have decided on a “unlabeled” relationship, I’m amazed to find that putting the title of bf/gf scares her due to the expected ties of expectations that come with them. Heh, as I was chatting with her on Skype, I become slightly suspicious of the guy, due to the unusual terms of their relationship. But I really hope that this guy treats her right, Man, I feel more like a parent to her rather than a sibling. But, some siblings have that relationship, I just hope that I fulfill my duties to the upmost, and not let her down.

Yesterday we went paintballing, and I saw Richard after some years, and I must admit that it was strange seeing him taller than me and having many years on his face. But I had lots of fun, I’m shocked to hear them say that I’m really good at Paintballing, especially since this is my second attempt at it, and I got shot down by someone else first attempt, heh, in two different games. But I’m really glad to be a part of this group, and I hope that this get-together, or ‘Brofest’ as Norm calls it, lasts for quite some time. But now I’m wondering how Medical school will work around it.

On, I’ve accepted a 6-week challenge, it starts tomorrow– err now, and it’ll end April 16th, I’ve already posted my challenge and goals here:! and I can only hope that I’ll stick to it, and try to reach my goals in the end! I’m hoping to get the prize, which is the NerdFitness T-shirt and sticker, which I’d wear with pride and the sticker I’d probably put on my laptop. But we’ll see, reaching the fitness and Life goals, I’ve posted will be reward enough, it’ll be the half-way mark towards my goal of having my exercising become routine in my life. I’m aware I’ll have to adjust for upcoming changes in my life, but the idea of having my exercising stay with me, makes me smile.

I’m starting to learn to shave everyday as well, and I’m focusing more and more on what I’m eating, although I ate a Doughnut earlier today, and cookies the night before… heh, it seems like this is going to be a bit harder than I thought. I’m going to try to wake up earlier, and try to maintain that 7 hours of sleep, if not less. Which is kinda bad for me, because I love sleep! In either case, things are looking up, as tomorrow– errr later on today, I’m going to call my old bosses and ask them for letters of rec, and finally give Lily that present the day after, and I’m going to turn in the Volunteer application and the Exit Loan forms that were mailed to me, all this writing and filling on Monday, and all of the sending and receiving on Tuesday. Sounds like fun!

Well I’m off to pray a rosary before I go to sleep. I should try to avoid the temptation of not praying when I feel somewhat tired. I’ve been doing good so far, and I don’t plan on stopping!

And I enter the Field of Thermodynamics and Kinetics…

Today, I continue the Physics section and now I’m covering Thermodynamics and Kinetics.

So, I’ve still yet to fulfill my idea for Lent this season by Volunteering at a Hospital. Hmmm… I suppose, I’m being lazy about it, I will make myself finish the application and I’ll have to ask Linda for a Letter of Rec, as well as someone from Security. Which means I should try to get Lily her Christmas present that I still have in my possession. I suppose I can cover all my tasks in 1 fell swoop, as I have to fill out that Exit Loan Form for LSU as well. Huh, now that I think about it, I have quite a few tasks to accomplish.

Tomorrow I’ll be going Paintballing with Norm and his friends again, this time I’ll meet my old friends Richard and Amanda, who I’ve been informed are married. Huh, just the fact that Norms friends know them made this world smaller, the fact that the two are married, just vastly shortened this world. Well, I suppose it’s not that vast, after all, I’ve hung out with friends who I’ve known for years now.

On 8Tracks, I’ve made my Candlelight II mix, and almost right off the bat, someone liked it and and commented on it. Heh, didn’t think it was possible to have someone like 1 song and then the entire mix. Oh well, I wonder if I’ll ever make another one, well… I’m making one involving exercising under the theme of fire. We’ll see how it turns out.

In 30 mins, I’ll be off to exercise, so for now, I’ll just watch some TV.