And I enter the Field of Thermodynamics and Kinetics…

Today, I continue the Physics section and now I’m covering Thermodynamics and Kinetics.

So, I’ve still yet to fulfill my idea for Lent this season by Volunteering at a Hospital. Hmmm… I suppose, I’m being lazy about it, I will make myself finish the application and I’ll have to ask Linda for a Letter of Rec, as well as someone from Security. Which means I should try to get Lily her Christmas present that I still have in my possession. I suppose I can cover all my tasks in 1 fell swoop, as I have to fill out that Exit Loan Form for LSU as well. Huh, now that I think about it, I have quite a few tasks to accomplish.

Tomorrow I’ll be going Paintballing with Norm and his friends again, this time I’ll meet my old friends Richard and Amanda, who I’ve been informed are married. Huh, just the fact that Norms friends know them made this world smaller, the fact that the two are married, just vastly shortened this world. Well, I suppose it’s not that vast, after all, I’ve hung out with friends who I’ve known for years now.

On 8Tracks, I’ve made my Candlelight II mix, and almost right off the bat, someone liked it and and commented on it. Heh, didn’t think it was possible to have someone like 1 song and then the entire mix. Oh well, I wonder if I’ll ever make another one, well… I’m making one involving exercising under the theme of fire. We’ll see how it turns out.

In 30 mins, I’ll be off to exercise, so for now, I’ll just watch some TV.

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