They kinda make a cute couple…

Today, I spoke with my Hermanita, and it’s been a while since I’ve last spoken with her. To my surprize, she has gotten a boyfriend! Well, sorta, she and the guy, have decided on a “unlabeled” relationship, I’m amazed to find that putting the title of bf/gf scares her due to the expected ties of expectations that come with them. Heh, as I was chatting with her on Skype, I become slightly suspicious of the guy, due to the unusual terms of their relationship. But I really hope that this guy treats her right, Man, I feel more like a parent to her rather than a sibling. But, some siblings have that relationship, I just hope that I fulfill my duties to the upmost, and not let her down.

Yesterday we went paintballing, and I saw Richard after some years, and I must admit that it was strange seeing him taller than me and having many years on his face. But I had lots of fun, I’m shocked to hear them say that I’m really good at Paintballing, especially since this is my second attempt at it, and I got shot down by someone else first attempt, heh, in two different games. But I’m really glad to be a part of this group, and I hope that this get-together, or ‘Brofest’ as Norm calls it, lasts for quite some time. But now I’m wondering how Medical school will work around it.

On, I’ve accepted a 6-week challenge, it starts tomorrow– err now, and it’ll end April 16th, I’ve already posted my challenge and goals here:! and I can only hope that I’ll stick to it, and try to reach my goals in the end! I’m hoping to get the prize, which is the NerdFitness T-shirt and sticker, which I’d wear with pride and the sticker I’d probably put on my laptop. But we’ll see, reaching the fitness and Life goals, I’ve posted will be reward enough, it’ll be the half-way mark towards my goal of having my exercising become routine in my life. I’m aware I’ll have to adjust for upcoming changes in my life, but the idea of having my exercising stay with me, makes me smile.

I’m starting to learn to shave everyday as well, and I’m focusing more and more on what I’m eating, although I ate a Doughnut earlier today, and cookies the night before… heh, it seems like this is going to be a bit harder than I thought. I’m going to try to wake up earlier, and try to maintain that 7 hours of sleep, if not less. Which is kinda bad for me, because I love sleep! In either case, things are looking up, as tomorrow– errr later on today, I’m going to call my old bosses and ask them for letters of rec, and finally give Lily that present the day after, and I’m going to turn in the Volunteer application and the Exit Loan forms that were mailed to me, all this writing and filling on Monday, and all of the sending and receiving on Tuesday. Sounds like fun!

Well I’m off to pray a rosary before I go to sleep. I should try to avoid the temptation of not praying when I feel somewhat tired. I’ve been doing good so far, and I don’t plan on stopping!

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