A familiar feeling

Today, Norm, Greggy, and myself played a quick game of Warhamer, it was fun, we did the Mad Mage scenario, which resulted in a draw, but it was fun trying it all over again.

This week, I’ve made some new friends on NF, these guys are cool, and some of the women in there are awfully cute! I think that if they have a meet-up, I’m really inclined to go.

Let’s see, on my exercise routine, I’m VERY happy to type that I’m able to perform 9 clap Push-ups, when I started it, I BARELY did 5 and now I’m at 9, this is amazing! I’m going to keep going to see how many Clap Push-ups I can do at the end of my 6-week challenge! Maybe if I reach 30, I’ll attempt to switch the 1-Handed rows to Pull-ups!

Things are indeed looking up, Thurs, I filled out the Volunteer application at the Riverside community hospital where hopefully I can get a job at, but we’ll see… I’m getting a little more concerned as June approaches. Not only for the MCAT test, but for my loans will start asking for their money back.

So now, I will try to see my Ochem grade resolved, finally, and then I will focus on a continued job search. We’ll see where this goes.

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