Laughing in the Rain

Today I saw Casa de mi Padre with Lily, and we talked for 3 hours afterwards, I have missed her. Of all of my friends, I can, oddly enough, confide in her without any hesitation, and she’s terrible at these heart-to-heart talks and moments, but I feel that her lack of ability to provide assistance somewhat comforting, if not reassuring.

I know of all things, I can comfort others, and yet when I need to be comforted, I turn to someone who can’t.

On a side note, it rained rather ferociously today, and I loved every minute of it! It’s raining right now and the sound is so soothing. I wonder why I’m so fascinated with the weather, or the elements for that matter. I can stare at a fire for hours, I can stand in the rain forever if I could.

All in all, I have mastered certain parts of my character, while needing to master others, I have realized that I’m still young, so I must try harder to fight off these demons. Ok, it’s late, or early, I have to sleep, I need rest.

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