So we wait for October

Today was the last episode for this season of the Walking Dead. and MAN, was it a good one! I had enjoyed every minute of it. The sad part is that the next season won’t happen until October… Sigh… It’s going to be a long 7 months.

Today was really nothing special, although I’ve gotten further in Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, and I’m getting better, Much better! Tomorrow, I’m going to resume my training and resume my path on becoming a stronger person, a Warrior. And when the opportunity rises, I’ll find a dojo and move from Warrior class to Monk class, and get stronger there!

Tomorrow, I have Jury Duty, and will be spending my mornings waking up early and fighting traffic, to get to the courthouse. Hmm… I better make my coffee early then. Well at least with the training, I can stay clean and focused like I used to, but I’ve gotta say, not working out has made life a lot slower, and quite a bit more dull, but I’ll finally be back to the weights, Heh, I guess it shouldn’t feel this epic to get back in there, seeing as to how I was only sick for a week.

Well for now, this Wandering Warrior needs a shower and a shave.

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