Take That, Quantum Numbers!

I am still continuing my MCAT studies, and I’ve completed and reviewed the difficult aspects of Biology that have eluded me in the past, Mostly they were lists of items, like Hormones, but I have them down now. Later on, I had attempted my hand at Quantum Numbers in the Chemistry section, with Chemistry being my weakest subject (along with Organic Chemistry), I was finding myself scratching my head and looking at 2 other sources for clarification of a small passage in the MCAT Guide. But I have succeeded! I can understand and complete problems involving Quantum Numbers! Most people would’ve gotten this by now, but I guess my Chemistry teacher back at RCC was less than worthy… Either that, or I’m really dense when it comes to this.

This is really uplifting, however! I feel like by beating this aspect of Chemistry, I can defeat the other difficult chapters! And when I beat the monster called ‘Chemistry’ I’ll face his younger, more dangerous brother, “Organic Chemistry”! But I feel riveted! Like I had just found an unexpected treasure! I feel good!

I was Skpye-ing with Hermanita, a couple of days ago, and it was really fun talking to her, we ended up playing this game where we had to guess a card drawn from a Poker deck and then answer a question the other asked. It was fun, I feel like we’re connecting more and more, every time we talk. Heh, she has challenged me to be strong enough to pick her up, sideways, for a brief moment, and when I do, I’ll received a reward. I don’t know what it could be, but I accepted the Challenge with enthusiasm.

Yesterday was Palm Sunday, which means that this Friday is Good Friday and following that is Easter Sunday… and I had no idea. My whole Lent sacrifice was Time, Time away from my comfort zone to help people less fortunate, at a hospital, yet orientation is scheduled for the 24th of April, so that means that I have yet to sacrifice anything. Granted, regardless of whether or not it is Lent, I’m always trying to better myself, but this was a particular time span set out for getting closer to God… and I have failed. I feel no closer to God than I had before Lent season started, I don’t know if that’s a bad thing or an even worse thing. That is not to say, I’m not close to God at all, yet, I wanted to get closer, closer than I am at this moment…

I’ve been maintaining my Resolutions, that I have established at the start of this year, and one of them is reading and completing a book a month. I read The Manivotionals for January, and I don’t know if it counts but for February and March I’ve completed the Gospels of Matthew and Mark, Barely. It appears that I’m slacking a bit on this. So for April, I will be more Gung-Ho about this endeavor and will maintain a reading schedule, either early in the morning or late at night. Now I need to find a book to read, perhaps Greggy’s book on Aenerion, or my Phantom of the Opera book, or maybe one of my books on information, like the one covering 57 Saints, that’ll be interesting… I think I’ll read that, and try to improve and expand my knowledge through that.

I realize that this week is my birthday, and once again, I have no idea what to get. Norm is planning on getting me a Mask or a Marker for my birthday, I think. I don’t know what I should ask for or what I should do. A Job would be a good gift, or maybe some books… I have no idea! I hate that I don’t know that! Especially since people are going to be looking at me to say, “Hey, what do you want to do for your birthday?” I always reply, “I don’t know!” I don’t have anything special in reserve for my Birthday, I just treat it like every other day! Perhaps, when I have nothing to worry about, in terms of my future, I can start thinking of stuff… Gah, this always frustrates me! Granted, there are pointless objects that I’d love to have, but I can never think of them when they ask me! Oh well, I’m sure I’ll find something… I tend to work well under pressure, heh heh…

I have my MCAT D-Day, June 21st, I think that’ll suffice! Right at the start of Summer and when I’m done with it, I’ll begin my application for Medical School. But first, I need to shadow a D.O. and get some Volunteer hours on my resume!

But for now, I must finish the NF challenge for this week, by performing as many JumpRope Jumps as I can! I’m off to Train.

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