Times are changing

I’m actually posting today because everyone has already gone to bed and I don’t feel like sleeping just yet.

Norm has gotten a new job, finally! We’ve been hoping for this for quite some time. Now I’m still searching for my job. I’m hoping for a job at a hospital, and I’d like a job that will at least have some bearing with my Major, otherwise I’ll feel like I’ve wasted 6 years of my life, not to mention, have thousands of dollars in debt, just to be flipping burgers, or something just as menial.

I’m doing a bit of research on how I can change my diet, turning it more and more into a Paleo/Primal style, I’m going to try to avoid as much carbs as I can… Heh… Carbohydrates are introduced to Salivary Amylase produced by the Salivary glands that enter into the mouth, then they hit by Pancreatic Amylase from the Pancreas, and then get introduced into Sucrase, Maltase, and Lactase, which break it down even more… Sweet! It appears that I still have retained the Enzymes and Hormones from my studying. I can only hope that I’ll still have them when it’s time to take the MCAT.

Today, I had changed my running routine into 30 second run time and 90 second jogging. I went all the way up to the speed of 10, which I thought was great, except, now I think that 30 seconds might be too short, I’m going to increase the time to… let’s say, 45 seconds. I don’t want to jump immediately back to 1 minute runs because that shortened the time that I actually ran, so I’m going to slowly build it up and get better over time.

Heh, more and more of the NF Philosophy is getting in to me as I had explained to Mel, an example for someone to get stronger through Street Fighter’s Blanka. Heh, I find myself regretting something some time ago, but I quickly reminded myself that these things happen for a reason, and that one day, it’ll all come together… Hmmm, ‘together’ when broken down it becomes ‘To Get Her’. I remember telling a friend of mine from high school this. He found some inspiration from it, and that’s good, I hear that he’s doing well, and judging from what little interaction we’ve had, since then, it appears that he hasn’t changed a bit, and that’s good, because he was always a good guy. Except he’s gotten quite a bit of ink and drinks and smokes, but I think he’s quitting that for his Daughter.

So for now, I’m still searching for ‘Her’ and when I do find ‘Her’ I can guarantee that I will not let her go and to always be honest with her.

See you around.

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2 comments on “Times are changing

  1. rayannsom says:

    liked this post – made me giggle

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