One Step Closer

Today during my exercises I switched 1-Handed Rows, with Inverted Rows, and I was able to perform 15 of them with some ease, this caused me to feel really good about my progress as I realize that I’m closer to performing actual Pull-ups. I’m fairly certain right now that if I had tried to do it I’d barely get 1, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing, but I want to become stronger before I attempt it.

“If we’ve come this far, that only means that we can go further”

I had written this phrase down sometime ago on a Post-it, and placed it right behind my laptop on the wall so that a quick glance upward and it’s right in front of me. This phrase is right now the best thing I can think of as a summation of my progress, “ongoing” “continuing” “keep on trucking” etc.

Heh, my mom and I had celebrated my birthday by going to Olive Garden on the 4th, after some grocery shopping. I still don’t know what I desire for my gift, but for now, I’ve decided to go play Golf, or rather Putt-Putt Golf at the Speedway in Anaheim. I remember going there was a lot of fun, despite the fact that it’s mostly for racing and as fun as that is, it’s simply not my number one choice. But since I’m usually confused when it comes to my birthday, I’ll stick with this.

So 20 minutes have passed and it is officially now the Day that I was born… Heh… I think I’ll write about something inspirational later on… For now, I’m going to sleep.

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