The rewards of ones efforts

Today in the mail, I got a letter from the Superior Court of California, and in it I received a check for $112.40. I remember my antics with the other jurors and wondered if they got their checks yet, then my mind starting thinking, “What am I going to spend this on?… Or should I spend it at all?… I still don’t have a job! I better make this last!”

And now my mind starts to think about the rewards Life and God provides to us when we do what’s needed to be done.

By maintaining my exercises today, I’m rewarded with a healthier life, although my body is a bit sore and I’m hungrier than I remember, I’m healthier none the less.

And then I read a quote from Abraham Lincoln that I have written on a Post-it right in front of me: “In your temporary failure, there is no evidence that you may not yet be a better scholar, and a more successful man in the great struggle of life, then many others who have entered college more easily.”

This was written to his sons friend who didn’t get into Harvard. In hopes that the boy would remain inspired to stick to the right path and not give in to depression and defeat. And then I thought to myself how often to we give up when we’re so close? One step that crosses the finish line, one word that makes the cute girl in front of you smile, one action that can change lives, one spark that can ignite the grandest flame…

The Bible reads that the True Path is always narrow and many who try to walk it often stray from it due to their lack of strength in their beliefs and convictions. I’ve often believed that each one of us has our own True Path that God has placed for us, individualized for everyone and it is God’s intention to have us stay on that path, however since we’ve been blessed with our free will, we can choose not to walk the path and do whatever we please. Heh, I remember someone asking me, “Well, why doesn’t God just force us back on the path?” and I knew that he wouldn’t understand my answer, “Because He promised that He wouldn’t, if He broke that promise, He wouldn’t be God.”

There’s a riddle that goes, “Can Jesus/God/Allah create something so massive that He, Himself cannot lift it?” and it usually leaves people scratching their heads due to the limitlessness of the deity who is defined with the trait that there is nothing He/She cannot do. This along with the above conversation has led me to believe that the answer to this would be a solid, “Yes.” Yes, because the only one who can limit God is God, and my reasoning lies within the story of Noah’s Ark, at the very end God promises that He will no longer flood the world and kill the entire population save a few, and the symbol of His promise is a Rainbow. And there you have it, God limiting Himself by choice… but I digress.

I’ve always believed that God wants what’s best for us, yet He wants us to fully appreciate the gifts we’ve been promised, and it’s only after you find yourself thirsty that the next drink is the greatest drink in the world. When I was in school, I had to force myself to starve during long classes only to become a bottomless pit when I came home, it didn’t matter if the food was burnt, not seasoned properly, tasteless, or even cold, I looked at my brothers and say “Hunger is the best spice!” My efforts to exercise my Willpower over devouring the nearest object to me granted me the greatest satisfaction of the best meal ever prepared by anyone! And through this scenario and others like it, I’ve truly learned to appreciate a home-cooked meal, the joys of sitting down after standing for so long, a comfy bed, a motherly embrace.

Heh, I’m getting too philosophical when I had planned on being inspirational…

I’m still searching for a job, and I’ve made it clear to myself to make sure that it’s somewhere hospital-related so that I can start getting integrated into the world of medicine, as is my dream to be. So just as I was rewarded with some money, just for being a juror, I know I will receive my prize so long as I remain diligent and stick to the plan. If I must do anything else, it must only be temporary and it has to be a means to an end, because I’ve seen it too often where people stray from their plans and wind up regretting it. I will not be one of those people.

Suffer the Pain of Discipline or Suffer the Pain of Regret.

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