“Be the Change you want to see in this world”

By the wise and humble Mohandas Gandhi.

I’ve always lived by this particular phrase as it bests sums up all of the codes of honor uttered by Knights and Samurais, that I admire so. The strangest part about this, is that sometimes one doesn’t get to see when the changes happen, in most cases, I doubt one ever will, as what we do in life echoes through the lives of others and there for sparks a change in them, causing them to move forward and do things accordingly.

But in those rare cases where you can see a change, the rewards are beyond measure…

Since I’ve found Nerdfitness.com I’ve trained myself rather diligently and routinely, but before I start each session, I always inform my brothers that I’m going to exercise, nothing special, just gives us a moment to see what the other is doing, they’d usually be sitting infront of the TV, while I go to the Garage with the weights. And when I’m finished with my training for the day, I inform them that I’m going for a shower, and so on, this has become routine with us.

Yet today, as I was preparing for my running on the treadmill, I noticed that Greggy wasn’t there… Norm hadn’t come home yet from his job, so I had expected Greggy to be sitting on the couch, and then it hit me… “He’s Exercising…” Granted, Greggy was taking Karate classes at the College, but he never trained at home. Which lead me to believe that by seeing me go exercise myself, I’ve slowly inspired him to exercise, he’d always ask me, “Feel better?” and I’d reply accordingly with wheezing or an exhausted grin.

Now, this could all be just circumstantial, he could’ve just as easily found his own inspiration to exercise and wanted to find the right time to do so, and so on and so forth, and I will not walk around thinking I changed the world just by doing my thing, so I won’t take any credit for anything mentioned above.

So with that in the air, I was reminded of Gandhi’s quote, If one wants to see change in the world, then one must make the first step towards that desired change! I’ve always tried to be a good a guy I could possibly be, honorable, and friendly to any and everyone I come across with, all with the thought that by being the example for everyone to see, of whatI think it means to be a good person, friend, Catholic, brother, and son, then maybe the rest of the world might start thinking this way as well.

For too long have I seen the horrors of people before me, after me, as well as people just like me, fall and take so many others with them, with no reason other than to experience what they’ve been told from the very beginningnot to do. And it truly saddens me, some of them I thought were very good people and to see them fall like that…

So I will make my stand here! Because this is what I believe is the right thing to do! For the sake of those who have fallen and for the sake of those who need someone to help them! I will continue to be a Good Man, and take everything everyone has taught me and make the best of this situation called Life! I will not give up this fight, even if I’m fighting alone! Let the world see that one Man stood up and fought for what he believed was the right thing to do! No matter what happens, I will hold fast to my beliefs and look to the future with Hope and Optimism! Even if I’m bloodied and cleaved, I’ll just smile and say, “That was fun…”

Man, I feel inspired! But I have to sleep! Oh man, it’s going to be hard to sleep now!


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