A ray of Sunshine

Heh, I’ve been selected for the Sunshine Award, and as fantastic as that is, I feel no change in the future with this. I don’t feel encouraged nor determined, I don’t feel inspired nor joyful. Heh, if anything, I just feel like laughing! No, this is no disrespect to the one who nominated me, Miss rayannsom, in fact I’m honored that I’m one of the 10 she’s chosen, but I must admit that my life will not change dramatically after this award, women will not recognize me on the street and ask for an autograph, nor will slick business men offer me the world on a gold platter, nor will any child dream to aspire to be like me for the sake of winning this award himself.

No, but I can’t stop smiling at this, just the thought of it, I actually thought that I had won something randomly special, but it wasn’t, it was just random as is! And that’s making me laugh! I guess if the purpose of the award was to make someone else feel better, then I guess it worked, but I can make do without the award, although I gave my word that I will conform to the questions that come with said award.

1. Favorite color? Red, if you haven’t figured it out yet. It’s who I am. Basically.

2. Favorite animal? Cats, Birds, Big Cats, Reptiles… in no particular order. The Scientist in me favors these above others.

3. Favorite number? 3, if not 7. I like 3 due the various correlations is bears like a Triangle has 3 sides, 3 corners, etc, and 7 because I’m the 7th child, guess that makes me lucky.

4. Favorite non-alcoholic drink? Milk, Water, Soda. Heh, I don’t drink alcohol, so with that said, I’ll drink anything else, I once drank Distilled Water with frozen CO2 as ice cubes from a beaker!

5. Prefer Facebook or Twitter? Facebook. Don’t have a Twitter account, I don’t see a point in it.

6. My passion? Life, Helping others, the Future, Self-improvement, Culture, My Family, and pretty much anything new! Adventure!

7. Prefer getting or giving presents? I’ve always liked giving gifts, I hold no expectations to receive anything so if I do get something, I sorta freak out a lil at the generosity of it all.

8. Favorite pattern? Pattern? I guess anything artistic, like flames or an ocean line. I really can’t think of anything else.

9. Favorite day of the week? Friday! although Saturday and Sunday are my favorites as well as my family tends to do fun things then.

10. Favorite flower? The Rose. I’ve always had a Rose bushes in my garden and I plan to keep having them in the future. They’re the King of the Flowers.


2 comments on “A ray of Sunshine

  1. rayannsom says:

    yaaay!! I’m glad you honoured the award and answered all the cool, unique questions! *heeh

    I thought it was a bit cheesy too – but thought it’s something fun..that connects ppl!

    Look out, there might be more comig your way ! mwaahahah

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