A Day well wasted or wasted well…

Today, was interesting, Norm was sick so he couldn’t go to work, so he stayed home and helped me attend to some errands that had to be done. One was returning some material at Home Depot, in exchange for a simple replacement key, and the other was sending a broken printer to FedEx to mail it to the company. OH, Man! That was randomly and ridiculously long. First, we arrived at the shopping plaza that it was ‘supposedly’ in, couldnt’ find it, so we left it looking for another place that was on the other side of the small city, and couldn’t find it there, either. So we looked up a third one, and when we had arrived, it was in the plaza that we started out in!! D’oh!! That took 2 hours! So we finally get there and as I’m following the instructions given to me by the representative of the company, I notice that the address said XXXXX, Ontario and the Zip code had letters as well as numbers, I asked the FedEx woman (who was wonderfully understanding) and she said that the address is in Ontario, CANADA. Now, this will cost us a hefty penny so I decided to call the company again to see if I got the right address. And wouldn’t you know it? A Canadian man picked up, I can tell by the sound he made after every sentence, ‘Eh?’ So I’m talking to him outside the FedEx store and he’s having me wait 5 minutes while coming back only to tell me that I have to wait for 5 more minutes. I was patient at first (Always giving others the benefit of the doubt) but by 20 minutes, of “Hang on, sir, let me get the information to you, please hold” I’m getting frustrated. So I tell him, “Look, just tell me the address so I can write it down and get this over with.” “Oh well, I sent it to your email, sir.” he replies. “Wait,” I say, “Let me get this straight, you want me to drive all the way back home just to get on my laptop to get the address you can easily tell me over the phone just to drive all the way back here and send it to you?” “…. Yes… sir.” Heh, were this an anime, the stereotypical vein would’ve popped on my head.

So I said to him, in a *ahem* ‘stern’ manner “OK, Why don’t you just tell me that address and all information so I can write it down and sent it to you?” after hearing the tone in my voice, he complied and told me all the information as well as the account number to have his company pay for the shipping. And after all that was done, I ask him, “What is your name?” He said it, “Uh huh, and what is your extension?” and I got a “OKthankyoufortime, Goodbye!” Click!

Norm and I rented some movies and went home. But during our brief time at the video store, I saw my old high school friend Marlena, who I had missed for quite some time. So we caught up for a little while and then went home after picking up some Hawaiian BBQ. So I ate, cooked some Turkey for the remaining brothers, and then watched 3 movies, 2 with my mom and 1 with my bros. Contraband, Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, and Darkest Hour, respectively. And by the time I knew it, it was 9pm! Then Stephanie came and showed us her Baptism video and when she left it was 10:30pm!

CRAP! I forgot to study AND exercise!…………. Well… I suppose I can make it up tomorrow. Today I was spending time watching movies with my family, so I suppose it wasn’t such a bad thing. So I guess I took a day off… Heh, I should do this more often!


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