Ready, Set, GO!

OK, So I think I have my 3 goals set for my next NF 6-week challenge! It took me a while but I’m certain that these will provide the proper difficulty and help me become stronger on more levels than one. And they are:

  1. Perform 10 Pull-ups in 1 setting.
  2. Perform 100 Push-ups in a day.
  3. Read 1 book from the List.

So that’s it, 2 Fitness goals, 1 Life goal, as per the conditions of the Challenge.

Let’s see, currently I can do 7 chin-ups, which when attempting Pull-ups, would be at least 5; I can do lots of push-ups, in under a minute, I haven’t tested myself lately, on how much, but I’ve been doing those Feet-elevated push-ups during some of my exercise routine, and I think I’ll count those for 2 each, due to their difficulty and the fact that I would’ve done 15 close-grip Bench Presses beforehand; and in terms of the reading, I have the list of 110 books that I’ve planned to read during the course of my life, so I just have to pick one that’ll last me the entire 6 weeks… Perhaps some Shakespeare, or one of the Philosophers… I’m thinking Plato or Aristotle or perhaps someone I’m not familiar with, like Machiavelli…

Heh heh, I almost have my goals set… I’m certain that I’ll find the book before the Challenge starts. Luckily I stumbled upon several digital libraries with which to find the book. Heh and it appears I just did, I will read The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli. Thanks to for it.

There, now all my goals are set. All that’s left is for the Challenge to begin and I will tackle this thing head on!



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