Class Change: Knight!

OK, So April 30th is when I start my 6-week challenge on NF! And I’ve decided to modify my workout routine just a bit more…. Sorta.

Starting on April 30th, I will completely immerse myself into the PowerHowse Challenge, that I got some time ago. It’s about time I used them, although I suppose I needed the balance that NF had granted me, causing me to find peace within myself and with my life and interests. I thought I would find this peace with some Martial art, as they usually bring balance to those who practiced it, but that’s usually after years of training in said Art. So now I really have nothing stopping me from getting into  better shape! No Excuses!

Hmm… So now all that’s left to work on is my diet, and I have no way to fix that, seeing as to how I don’t have any income nor my own place, oh well, that’ll have to come later, perhaps, I can subtly change my diet and just focus on main groups while avoiding others, like soda…

So for now my exercises will revolve around 2 phases: Push and Pull, they are routines that mainly consist of exercises that focus the particular muscle group into either pushing the weight or pulling it. It’s really taxing and I think that’s the best thing about it! I find myself thinking to myself, “I don’t want to do this anymore! I do not want to do this anymore!” but then I see that white figure again and I push myself to the point where I’m just sitting there trying to catch my breath, which causes me to laugh, adding to my weirdness… Boy, I’m glad I’m not at the Gym, otherwise people would think I’m crazy.

OK, so along with this, I will keep to my goals of doing 100 Push-ups a day, 10-15 Pull-ups in a row, and read Machiavelli’s the Prince, all within 6 weeks!…. Awesome!

Pshaw, I got this!

On a side note, I’m now an official Volunteer at the Community hospital that I was trying to get a job at. So that’s half a victory. I was hoping for the job, but I guess I have to wait and see what God has in store for me, job-wise. Heh, maybe I’ll get lucky and get noticed enough to get a job there. And when I do, the first thing I’m going to purchase, are lessons from a Muay Thai dojo and learn a Martial Art! Finally! let’s hope I can maintain the loan payments while doing so.

So all in all, Today was not a grand victory, but a sign of things to come. Interesting things.


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