First Sunshine, now Versatile

Ha ha hahaha… That’s just swell… I’ve been graced by the Lovely Mars with a Versatile blogger award… that’s hilarious….

Like before, I shall honor the aspects of the award yet I do not know 15 blogs to pass this on to. But since this is the second time receiving an award that requests me to pass this onto others, I’ll provide the links to the bloggers I follow

There’s the one who gave me the award in the first place: Mars
The lovely individual who gave me the Sunshine award: Miss Rachel
Honorable mentions are:
Erin of Analyfe Who posts intriguing posts that blends optimism with perspectives
The ever interesting Jenny of The Jenny Blog She caught my eye with Bacon and Balance… well mostly Bacon.
The Scientist Kyle Hill of Science-Based Life I keep my scientific mind sated by reading his posts which are updated daily.

And I’m afraid that’s it, I follow these people so far, so this is all I have to offer to whoever is reading this.

Now then, 7 Random Facts about myself:

  1. I have Red hair on my head and beard, Blonde Arm and Mustache hairs, and Black eyebrows… And I’m a Full blooded Mexican.
  2. I’m a have a Bachelor’s in  Biology with a Minor in Biophysics
  3. My Favorite Movies are Jackie Chan’s Who Am I? and Kingdom of Heaven
  4. I’m training myself to prepare for the eventual Zombie Apocalypse
  5. I’m into Paintballing as well as Warhammer (heh, a Nerd of both extremes)
  6. I have a shirt that says “Meh.” which is a word I use frequently
  7. I pray a Rosary every night before I sleep. (which signifies that I’m Catholic, in case you’re wondering)

So there. I suppose I should post the images of the awards that I’m talking about.

Sunshine Award

Versatile Blogger Award

You know, I’m not really sure what qualifies me for either of these awards, I guess they had no one else to give it to. Heh, “A Winner by default”! That’s Funny!


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