Today was an exhausting day, but I didn’t do anything arduous  at all. The problem was that I had planned on waking up at 7:30AM today, so I went to sleep at 12:30AM, ok, 7 hours, not so bad, just like Teddy Roosevelt. But then something happened… I couldn’t sleep, and then 12:30 became 1:30, which then became 2:30, and ultimately 3AM. I couldn’t understand it, my eyes refused to open due to them resting, yet my mind was going a mile a minute. I was tossing and turning and yet nothing could stop my mind save for the last minute passing out only to wake up 4 hours later.

So my plan to start waking up early succeeded however for whatever reason, I couldn’t sleep the night before, ha ha ha, That’s just funny. So all day I was walking around unable to form a clear thought nor form comprehensible sentences in one try. I was able to function minimally throughout the day by mopping and helping my Mom with some insurance things, but I’m at the part of my studying where I’m going to take Practice MCAT’s so I need to be isolate for long periods of time to simulate the exam as close to the real one as possible. However I can’t leave my house for 5-7 Hours randomly, there’s too many things to do, not to mention that there’s bound to be interruptions. So what I’m going to do is split the ‘Exam’ in half, I’ll probably do the Bio/Chem half, take it under the set time limit along with the breaks given, and then on the following day I’ll take the Ochem/Phys half and then the next day do the Writing Response portion as well. It’s broken down, but without any distractions (H0pefully!) I should get a sense of how the test will be on the day I take it.

In lighter news, my Ceremony is in 2 days and oddly enough, I think I’m getting excited about it. Heh, I wasn’t excited for my High School Graduation, nor was I feeling excited about this upcoming graduation as well, but I’m excited about this Minorities Ceremony where I get a Medallion… Well, somewhat excited, all I did to become a part of this Ceremony was being born in a Mexican family. In either case, I don’t know how useful this Medallion will be save for something to look at when I hang it up… Hey, if I’m going to get something, I might as well find the honor in it. I mean I guess getting this award signifies that I’m from a background of people who haven’t achieved this much. That where I am now is something of a privilege, an Honor because when those who share my blood and origins stand beside me, they’ll look at my achievements and see that Medallion, as a sign that they can be more because one of them has done it, paved the way, so to speak, and ultimately can inspire them to be more than whatever situation they’ve been placed in.

At least, that’d make me feel better. To know that all that I’ve done would inspire someone else to match, if not surpass, my goals and achievements. That would be great! So then, I have to stick to my guns if I want to even obtain a high level of Goals and Position! If someone is going to surpass me, I’m going to make sure that it’s a hard fight, otherwiseanyone will pass me!

So now, Here’s another step on this Adventure! Another step forward, another step made in certainty, in Honor, in Faith, and ultimately in Life.


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