Making my own Path and Legacy

Saturday May 19th, I was  a participant of a Minorities Ceremony, it’s a ceremony held for those who are graduating who are of the minorities, and before the big motivational speech, one of the speakers asked us a question, he said, “Now, if you’re the first member of your family who’s achieved this, please stand up.” and I found myself standing up with several others, scattered throughout, and while we were standing the speaker said that we are the ones that have started a new path in our lives and so on.

But that got me thinking…

Here, I stand, with no one  before me, who’s walked this path before. Everything I do, be it large or small, miniscule or gargantuan, a success or a complete failure will now be the par with which others will look at and try to measure themselves after. Even if I don’t reach doctor-hood, I’ve achieved more than any one person in this family has. In my younger years, I’ve always dreamed of making my own path, burning my own trail and doing things that no one has done yet, seeing the sights that are exclusively for a select few, and be parts of moments that will barely be described in words.

It’s both scary and exhilarating, on the one hand, I have  no one to tell me what to do, what to expect, what to look for, what to do and when, which means that I’m more prone to miss opportunities, make bigger mistakes, and even forget vital things completely. On the other hand, I can go farther and utilize all my potential for this, no one can say anything save for praise that I’m even there (granted, that’s not the only good thing), I will become an inspiration for others to try harder, to break the stereotype that they’ve been placed in. I will be the Teacher for others, when at this moment, I’m still the Student.

I’m alone in this path, I have friends and family to support me, yet no one can truly relate to what I’ve done. It’s like I’m surrounded with energy and it’s all waiting to be directed by me, I’ve never came across so much potential all at once, and to have that under my control is both scary and exciting. I have no par, so anything I do with it, will be my own personal footprint into the pages of History, and yet, with no par, I will have a much harder time trying to utilize every opportunity and use all of this energy to it’s maximum potential.

But it’s the most personal manifestation of raw potential: My own energy, ready to be used at a moment’s notice, in any fashion I please, and with each step I take, forever being imprinted as my Legacy. Hmmm… My Legacy… Such a strange thing to posses, a linage or history that others will be observing closely and will examine thoroughly and will be using as their standards for making their own paths. Heh, needless to say, I’ve never thought that I’d have my own legacy. It’s interesting, I’m not doing this to be observed, yet Einstein once said, “An unobserved life is not worth living” but I always thought that this was saying not to live alone, without anyone in your life. But now I’ll be known as the first one to have a Biology Degree. Sure, in my eyes, it’s nothing special, just a piece of paper that reminds me that I’ve obtained a lot of debt, but in the eyes of others, like my family, it’s a sign of greatness achieved. A symbol of hope and honor. Believe me when I say that, I always strive to bring honor to my family, and  my name, yet, I feel that getting this degree isn’t enough, at least not for what I have planned… It’s not enough, not enough to make up for everything that I believe in, that I stand for, that I want to achieve and become…

I must do more, not as a sign of greater prestige, but as a personal goal. In order to truly bring honor and be that man that my family would be proud of, I must do more. For me, there’s only one Destination, only one Goal. And I will not rest until I have achieved it, even if I wind up doing nothing else in my Quest I have do this! I must!… No, not ‘must’.

Will. I will do this!


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