Making the most of it

Saturday, Greggy had a Karate Tournament in UC San Diego, and I offered to give him a ride and watch his tournament, I was also talking to my Hermanita, and she wanted to meet up with me there, so that we can hang out.

So we got there at 9AM, and right around 12PM, there was a blackout, the entire campus had lost power, when I met up with Hermanita, we were sitting down and watching some of the other matches, joking around and catching up, heh, we even made our own dialogues between some of the fighters, pretending that it was a climatic battle to the death…. only with 10 year olds and head gear.

So after a while, the Fire Marshall came in and informed the judges that we had to leave in 5 mins, due to the black out, it was disappointing because Greggy still hadn’t gone to do his Kata, which to my understanding is the demonstration of a students abilities and proof of what he has learned. Alas, as we were leaving the building, we decided to go out to eat, in celebration of coming here, and for meeting up with my Hermanita. After a few failed attempts and missed turns, we came across the local mall area and walked into a Mexican restaurant called “Cozy Mel’s”. We sat and I introduced Greggy to my Hermanita, so we were all getting acquainted, and I joked that the Waiter was looking at my Hermanita, that he thinks she’s cute and whatnot. Greggy was telling her about our family, and I realized that I hadn’t told her much about the family… at least not the parts that Greggy was telling her.

Greggy, Hermanita and Myself

Good food, Good times

So, there we were, the three of us enjoying a good meal, and each other. Despite the fact that we came for literally nothing, we’ve decided to make the most of these unexpected situations and over all had a good time.

In truth, it made me wished that I can hang out with my Hermanita more often, as her presence is always welcoming. Greggy?….. Meh, I see Greggy everyday, ha ha ha.

But now that this weekend is over, I must get back into the fray, so to speak. More MCAT studying, and back into my exercise routine, which I have neglected this whole weekend, and completing the 6-Week Challenge, that I’m participating in. Oh well!


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