Nearing the end of this Challenge

There’s only days left in this 6-week challenge that started from April 30th and will be ending on the 11th of June. Heh, I thought it was going to be Monday, but apparently I’ve still got a week to try to achieve the rest my goals. So let’s see…

Goals I’ve competed, thus far:

  • Read and FinishThe Prince
  • Find a Doctor to Shadow

Goals needed to be finished:

  • Replace all Mal-nourished drinks with Water
  • Do 100 Push-ups a Day
  • Complete 10 Pull-ups without stopping
  • Total of 36 hours Volunteering
  • Wake up at 7AM

I’ll consider most of these completed at the end of the Challenge, due to the fact that they’re day-by-day goals. But save for the Volunteering, I think I can complete by the end. I had to stay home last Friday due to concerns for my Mom. She’s alright now, but that means I should have a total of 30 hours of Volunteering by the time this is over. So until then, the weekend is full of interesting activities with which to relax with. So see you around.


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