“I should write that down!”

Heh, the importance of having some sort of notepad on your person when one is a writer. Well, I don’t really consider myself anything close to a writer, but I do see the importance of having something to write upon when you’re out and about, the moment an idea comes to mind, and there’s nothing, not even a pen on me to write down what I thought would be brilliant to remember later on… Heh, especially for a guy like me who has the memory of a Goldfish.

And it would be at random moments in my day as well. I would be watching some show or a movie, and an idea would come to mind, “Wow, this is a great thing to reflect upon later!” and sure enough later comes and I cannot remember anything about it, not even what caused the idea to spark in the first place.

Well, no more!

I’m going to Remember to write things down rather than try to remember what the things were! It makes things more simpler, sure when I’m on my laptop I can simply open a word document or use the Notepad application, that comes with the standard programs, yet it’s funny how ones mind works in a given situation, because at the time, those options never come to mind.

Not to mention that there are other situations when having something to write on is beneficial, like say for example, giving ones number to a very attractive individual. Granted, I would write on my very arm to get her numbers, although a good idea in my mind, would probably turn off girls on the spot. “Why not just put it on your phone? you say? Well, the problem with that, is one: I personally have a cheap phone, and putting it on there doesn’t seem very professional, two: other people are too attached to their phones, with all of the apps and added features, that their attention away from said attractive individual appears a moment, when 3 years have passed by! (an exaggeration, yes, but you get my point.) Besides, I would like to look at the number being written in her hand-writing, along with giving her an opportunity to add an optional message, should she desire. “Call me”? Why, Yes I will! X’s and O’s? D’awww You’ve melted my heart. Winky Smiley face? My smile could not be bigger.

Although these are merely jokes and superficial to a point, the idea of writing it down is that it ultimately adds a personal, human touch to the scene. For a brief moment, you can see that person’s entire life in their handwriting. You’re not looking at electronic impulses on a screen, you are looking at them! It’s not a text, it’s personal, handed from their hand to yours (or vice versa). It’s almost as if one receives a hand-written letter(if anyone still gets those anymore), someone has put the effort into putting pen/pencil to paper with only you in mind, granted it’s just digits or a quick message, but I think that it’s the effort that counts. it’s not a Font, made to make the subject look better, it’s not printed by lasers and the 3 Primaries, to get that perfect blend of colors and shading, it’s just simple. Pure. Sentimental. Human.

‘Human’… I wonder if that’s a word we have forgotten throughout these digital realms, where laughter is contained in abbreviations, expressions that were once unique to each individual are now a mixture of colons, letters and symbols, where “I love you” is shortened and sent to loved ones behind a screen with no voice of affection, People’s faces that bring us familiarity are now blended with the motions of pixels trying to capture each movement, and the special traits that once made each face unique are lost. Conversations are now being had without ever having to have the person in front of you, losing their true reactions to the conversations, their energy, their vibe, heck, even their scent. We are becoming lost in a sea of Digital Masks and Flashing Lights, of Screens and Mirrors, of Texts and Tweets…

So… I’m rather inspired now to carry a pen and paper on me at all times, to add that reminder, however subtle, that I am still human, and that there is more to life than a screen.


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