And then I ran…

I was at the store and then suddenly, Norm and my Father kept pushing me towards the door, and my brother was telling me to look at the list of places that was flashing before me, various locations were displayed in what seemed like a millisecond and then, someone yelled out “Hey! Stop!” and then my brother and dad gave me their wallets, and then my brother pushed me towards the Emergency Exit door and I ran to the Tahoe, I sat in the car for juts a moment, I looked into the rear view mirror and I saw a woman in black, Black suit, black sunglasses, black tie over a white shirt. She was looking for me, I look at her hand and I see a gun. I turn on the Car and then she saw me and fired 2 shots and then, I set the car in Reverse and tried to run her over, she dove to the side, and then I drove off, at the edge of the Parking lot, I saw 5 more, and I sped up, They all ran and I got away. The next thing I noticed, I got to a Mountain where I got out and then started hiking, I realized that I had forgotten the wallets, so I ran back and grabbed them, I found that I couldn’t run, so I walked as fast as I could, and then I came to the top of the Mountain, I turn around and saw a man standing on a spire, he was holding a British flag, and then fell. I kept walking and then I came across a small town, where I got something, but I don’t remember what it was, and then I finally got home in the evening, where I saw my brother JC, sleeping, then in the background I heard my mother saying, “If only I hadn’t woken up.” and then another voice trying to calm her down. Just as I was about to leave, JC was standing behind me, it was dark, but I saw him, I said something, to him, and finsihed off with “I’ll see you around.” and then as I was leaving I noticed a sandwich and 2 drinks, in my hands, I finished the drinks, but took 2 bites of the sandwich, walked across the street, and then set it down, and proceeded North. I kept moving, North, towards Canada, and when I reached the Park, I moved left, and found a plethora of Churches, They were Catholic, but I wasn’t certain, their names were weird, well, I saw people inside and simply kept moving. I reached the top of the bridge, and then……

I woke up.


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