A break

So as of Monday the 11th, the 6-week Challenge is officially over, and I observed my progress during said time and compared them to my goals for the Challenge. I found that despite some slip-ups, I’ve managed to acquire the grade B for my overall progress. I’d say that was very well done seeing as my goals were rather difficult on my part. My goals were:

  1. Do 10 Pull-ups without break/dropping
  2. Do 100 Push-ups a day, save for breaks/days volunteering, etc.
  3. Drink water instead of mal-nourished drinks
  4. Find a doctor to shadow/follow
  5. Volunteer a total of 36 hours by the time the Challenge is over
  6. Read and finish Niccolo Machiavelli’s The Prince
  7. Wake up at 7AM from now on

Some of these were more difficult than others, but I’ve managed to do them all rather well, not perfectly complete my goals, but I did complete them. I got only 30 hours out of 36, and there were some days when I didn’t do push-ups due to them slipping my mind, etc etc.

So, now I’m giving myself a break until the next challenge begins which will start next Monday the 18th. I have until then to come up with some goals and plans as to how I’m going to achieve them. So far, I have:

  1. Beat Leadchipmunk in the PVP Challenge
  2. Prepare properly for the MCAT

And that’s about it so far, Leadchipmunk is another NF-user who has challenged me to a Reading and “Maintaining Virtue” race along with some parkour training thrown in, to make what we’ve decided to call, “The Gentleman Assassin Challenge” a bit silly, yes, but that’s the fun of it. I think it’ll really push me to strive to become better on some interesting levels. And the MCAT is the test that I’ll be taking July 6th, so I might as well include it in the Goals list, so that it’ll cause me to study harder and be better. I’ve been having trouble concentrating lately, so I think by having this as a goal, it should help.

So now I need to make more goals 3 fitness and 1 Life goal, the MCAT is in the middle of the Challenge, so I don’t think it’ll be enough, I’m going to need something else.

Nena and the family are coming on Thursday, I can’t wait! Greggy and I have cleaned up the house rather well today, and we’ll be doing more cleaning tomorrow after Mom’s appointment with her Psychiatrist… Hopefully. Which reminds me, I need to call about my loans, because they were under Grandpa’s name, so we’ll see what happens.

It feels kinda weird not exercising, I hope I don’t fall into a lazy mode and be succumbed by Laziness and not exercising! I don’t think so, I’ve been doing so well, and this will help me stay focused. So I think I’ll take this time off and really enjoy myself, I’ll still study for the MCAT, that’s for certain, but I’ll take a break from exercising… at least for now.

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