For Greater Glory…

For Greater Glory, starring Andy Garcia, with an interesting blend of Hispanic actors and actresses. It’s covers the War over the freedom of Religion in Mexico, when Catholicism was outlawed by the Government and many catholic priests were killed and shot outside of the Churches (and sometimes in them!). The people have decided to revolt against the government and Andy Garcia plays a former general who won many victories in the past, and was hired by the Cristas, to lead them and help them win the war against the Government, despite his lack of Faith.

It wrenches your hearts when the Priests, just before they were killed, would tell the soldiers and their captain that they forgive them. There was also a boy who ran away to help fight, no more than 15, and Andy Garcia’s Character takes him under his wing due to him having only daughters. He treats the boy like his son, and the Boy gets caught, tortured and is executed for not renouncing Christ. Andy Garcia arrives just in time to see the execution but was too late to stop it. It was only then, that he has decided to truly accept the Catholic Faith.

For me, as a Catholic as well as a Mexican, I felt like I had received a slap to the face. I never knew the bloody history of Mexico as well as how devoted the people were to their faith. Quite honestly, tears were swelling in my eyes, and not because of what was displayed through subtle and advanced movie techniques and tricks, but because what I was watching was true: a boy under extreme torture and facing Death, smiles and says, “Long live Christ”; a Country divided over Religion; and the Faith people were willing to die for.

My eyes swelled because I was questioning whether or not I will have such faith were I in that situation. Will I praise Christ when someone points a gun to my face? or will I give in to their demands and renounce my Faith? Although I’m certain that I’ll never wind up in that situation, only God knows what the future holds. And it is only under conditions of trials and tribulations that we show ourselves, as well as the world, who we truly are. And until I’m faced with that scenario, the questions will constantly be burning in my mind, “Will I give up?” “Is my Faith strong enough?” “Will I run or stand my ground?” These questions and so many more, will echo in the back of my mind. I suppose, the answers to them will be revealed when my life is over, and I am cold in the ground.

Heh, I guess I should say, “and I am in Heaven.” But the truth is, I’ve always found it arrogant when people assume such things. Then again, it’s the age-old debate of, “Are we forever saved or do we have to earn it?” And the arguments go back and forth. But for me, I will wait until my end to be revealed where I go, mostly due to a desire to do good for the sake of Heaven’s Glory. If I let myself think that there’s nothing I can do to prevent me from going into Heaven, then will I start sinning and lose my entry? If I don’t think that my place in Heaven has already been secured, then am I truly saved?

… Heh heh heh, I guess these questions don’t matter in the end. All that matters whether or not I am a Good man, and prove to myself, and hopefully the world, that I am a good man each and every day. Heh, it seems like this gets harder and harder as time passes and I find myself with less and less patience when it comes to certain people.

But that’s the point, isn’t it? To decide at the moment to give in to anger or patience? To hate or to love? To sink to their level or take the higher path? I guess for each of us, we have to decide for ourselves what we are and where we stand, and hopefully in the eyes of God, we will be good people, the Chosen people.


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