The Strings, ahh Yes, the Strings

Last night, or rather today at 1AM, I happened upon a rather interesting artist, Lindsey Stirling.

I was first watching Peter Hollens on Youtube, doing his song of A cappella of the Skyrim Theme with lyrics as seen here. Then I saw their ‘duet’ with Lindsey Stirling, seen here. And although I don’t play Skyrim myself, I loved the song and my video game nerdiness was piqued when I saw their outfits and *ahem* Battle sequence.

Ahhh, but what really pulled my heart was Lindsey’s Zelda Medley. Outside the fact that she looks gorgeous up close,it was her playing style upon her violin that really got me. I’ve always respected and appreciated the Violin, despite the fact that personally, I’d go with the Acoustic Guitar or the Piano.

I remember in the Distant Worlds Concert that I had gone to, Nubuo Uematsu and Arnie Roth did a rendition of Dark World, and Mr. Roth (who was the conductor) did a solo on the Violin and it was amazing, Sad and dark and absolutely wonderful!

This link was the concert that I had actually gone to. Listening to it right now, still captivates me. I feel entranced by it, it’s a sad and lonely theme, yet with Uematsu on the organs, it signifies gravity and grandness throughout the background, like an overwhelming darkness, both fragile and consuming… Heh, I think you can hear me cheering in the background…

I also remembered the day when a friend of mine played I believe it was “Spring” by Vivaldi, I was captivated by her playing and thought it was played splendidly, despite her saying that she kept messing up in pieces and segments.

So then I realized that, I’ve had a lot of interactions with the Violin. It’s a masterful, however small, instrument. Capable of pulling such feelings of sadness into a form to allow all around it to hear, as well as to bring simple liveliness to the entire room.

… And now I want one. I’m inspired, and captivated as well. I’ve seen so many various people play it, and it has always been an instrument I’ve respected and loved. So, I will add it to my Trial of the Bard. 1) Obtain a Violin and 2) Learn to play 5 songs on it! Heh, looks like I’m going to be a rather high level bard, when all this is done, I have 5 on the Guitar and 5 on the Piano and now, 5 on the Violin.


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