Be without Fear in the Face of your Enemies…

Sometime ago, there was a Irish-American Priest named Father Michael J. McGivney, who gather a group of men together to create an organization, to provide assistance to families who have no means to take care of themselves, the main idea was to provide a mutual benefit for society, to help those who could not help themselves. Catholics were forbidden against the Free Masons and any other organization that young men can join to spend their free time. So then Father McGivney decided to create the ‘Sons of Columbus’ in honor of Christopher Columbus. However his friend, James T. Mullen, decided that the organization’s name would better capture the ritualistic nature of the organization, and therefore named it, ‘Knights of Columbus’. The Organization grew exponentially, as Catholic Men, joined and became closer to God by doing for others, charities, volunteering and over all providing assistance to those who are in need.

Sounds good to me!

As of Yesterday, I have signed up to become a Knight of Columbus. I wasn’t sure why I didn’t do it before, because I have always wanted to be a Knight, a Catholic knight, for that matter. I mean it’s a ‘Class’ that I have planned to take on in the future, so why not now? It’ll just mean, I can say I’m a Knight on more than one level! A Catholic Knight and a Final Fantasy Knight.

Although I don’t think they’ll place me on missions to fight evil demons or rescue Damsels in distress, it’ll be nice to know that I’m part of an organization that is doing what it can to help save the world. Heh, just like me.

Now all that’s left is to do what I can to be able to provide the greatest amount of assistance, to my family, my friends, and soon, the World. Now I have friends who can help me do it.

This ought to be interesting… Very interesting…

It’s a start…


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