For You, My Dear Reader

This is for you, to take from it anything that can help you in your quest in Life. I’m but a simple man trying to find his own path, to make his own mark in this world. I know I’ll probably never see you in real life, and on the off-chance that we do meet face-to-face, I’ll probably never make the connection between you to this journal of mine.

In either case, I’m glad that you’re here, that you’ve decided to take time off your day in your life to read a random one in mine. I know a lot of these posts will be random and full of information that will never be understood unless I sit down with you and reveal every association that was missed in the post itself.

No, I’m not dying, nor am I leaving this journal just yet, I merely want to address you for now. To acknowledge that you are, indeed, real, as am I, that we are both humans on our own paths, moving, acting, believing, breathing, and not ghosts floating across a sea of gray.

I imagine us sitting together in front of a fireplace, simply enjoying each others company and just letting the silence sink into our souls, bring peace of mind and tranquility between us, making us feel like old friends who’ve reunited after being too long apart. We look at each other and smile over the times that have transpired, that we were blessed to have been witnesses to, that we have shared.

Needless to say, I don’t know the future, nor am I certain of what lies ahead. But if I can, I try to remain optimistic about it, regardless of the lies, the death and the evil that is displayed before our eyes, I look forward towards all of the life-changing events that will never been seen on Television, or recorded over the internet, those unseen moments that occur between a select few that changes the world from underneath everyone and causes hope to be restored once again.

I love those moments. I wish there was as much of them in our lives as possible.

So for you, my dear Reader, I will offer these words, these entries, these experiences. I don’t know how useful they will be to you, nor if they will merely entertain you, but if they inspire you, comfort you, or even give you a sense of perspective, then I am glad. For despite the fact that I use this for personal reasons, I’ve always kept this journal public, I have no intentions of winning awards or being recognized on any sort of scale, with this. I only simply want it here. A collection of my thoughts that anyone can read. It sounds intriguing, to tell you the truth. I’ve often wondered who would really read this, and if they did, would they understand my way of thinking?

Ha ha ha, it’s a curiosity that I like to muddle over.

… I am what I am. Weird, uncertain, nerdy… heh, red… and I wouldn’t have it any other way. So I offer to you, dear Reader, all that I am, on these pages. I will not hold back anything from you, and if you think less of me in the future, then I apologize, however I will always try to be truthful as well as tactful. And if you decide to not read this anymore, then what more can I say other than, “Meh.” ?

Dearest Reader, I’m going to warn you and believe me when I say this: I am going to push the boundaries of this world as far as I can. I am going to defy and defeat my Demons and all of the Non-Believers, who say that I cannot do something. I am going to save the Broken, the Beatened, and the Damned.

I give you my word.


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