Aim Small, Miss Small

The last couple of days I was changing the Spark Plugs on my Tahoe — scratch that, I was attempting to find the spark plugs, and wound up taking apart the fuel injector cover, only to spill a massive amount of coolant into the fuel injector housing and thus getting one of the spark plugs wet, prolonging the process because I had to completely dry out the housing for the spark plugs that I’ve apparently had covered in coolant. After that ordeal was done, I had finally replaced every spark plug, without any hassle, and drove to the Market to pick up some chicken, upon driving there, one of the cylinders was off, and when I finally checked it out, I had forgotten to plug the spark plug to the wires… Sigh…

I can almost hear my father shaking his head and calling me a Taras!

But there was one thing I noticed. The spark plugs were in their housing very tightly, so I tried adjusting the ratchet in order to get the best angle possible, and found that the actual best possible angle only allowed me a small space to turn the ratchet, just enough to push the handle a few inches. And as I slowly increased the strength exerted, I finally got past the static friction force and moved the spark/bolt/whatever else I’m trying to loosen. Sorry, that’s a bit of Physics in there.

But as I’m getting the bolt out, I was wondering about how it’s always the small things in life that make it interesting…

It’s that small smile that warms the heart, those small words that make one’s heart flutter, the tiniest of mementos that can bring back years of joy, the smallest piece of chocolate can release floods of endorphins. These small things can make one’s day, week, month, or even year. It’s almost fascinating how such a small thing can have such a potent effect in a life.

On another side of the spectrum, a small amount of force can cause cataclysmic results. imagine a snowball from the top of Mt. Everest, if it never crashes into surrounding rocks and trees, by the time it reaches the bottom, it’d be fairly large, an avalanche large enough to cause some massive amounts of damage. Well, I digress, but I think I got my point across.

The idea is that when applied to goals, you have to exert a small amount of effort to go past a small obstacle and then achieve a small goal. Heh, allow me to use what I said to Isa to get her to exercise…

Mario has to start at World 1 before he can get to World 8. So before you can start doing World 8 stuff, you have to start at World 1, you have to beat each level of World 1 to get to World 2, and then beat all of the levels of World 2 in order to get to World 3, and so on. You have to make small progresses in each World, beat each level in each World in order to get to the end and save the Princess.

Eventually, you can apply this to Life. One small victory in Politics can lead to the Presidency. One small Victory on the Battlefield can lead to one side winning the War. One small Dollar can start a Multimillion dollar company.

It’s the one step of ten thousand that starts the epic journey to conquering the Universe, all it takes is one step in the Right direction.


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