A few days ago, 3 I think, I finally got a new phone, The Samsung Galaxy S II. And I must admit that I can see great potential with this.

Granted, I see the potential of being attached to the hip with this thing as well, as I’ve seen happen everywhere else. I purposefully not download particular apps so as to prevent me from sitting on the couch for hours wasting time.

Aside from that, I’ve got this particular idea in my mind. It’s increasing my productivity as well as my initiative. The idea is this: “What if there was no T.V.?” The idea is to ignore and reduce the amount of TV that I’m watching and do what needs to be done, ie: take out the Garbage, Read books, etc etc. I like this idea, and it’s turning out to be a rather useful state of mind. To expand this to other time-consuming things, enables one to have the power to simply walk away, at a moment’s notice.

For me, that’s a great feeling. I feel more productive, I’ve begun thinking about when I can take up the Piano again, try to re-learn Canon by Pachebel and maybe learn how to actually play, it seems like I’m no good trying to use my left hand on the Piano. I have it in my Bard’s Trial to learn 5 songs on the Piano, and if I’m able to truly master Canon, that’d be one down for that.

So now that I have this increasing ability to move away from attention-sucking, day-wasting devices, I feel like I can completely change how my day goes, and there’s no remorse either, no “Wait, I gotta see this scene/show” feeling, just pure mechanical movement in a singular direction.

Well, I’m going to have to start looking for a job soon, so perhaps I can take this time to make some applications and start studying for the MCAT again. Hmm… Now that I think about it, there’s quite a few things for me to do, heh, like cleaning up my desk for starters.

Mental Note #1

When attempting a new activity/exercise/item, always look up as much information about said activity/exercise/item as possible! Otherwise, you can either (depending on the activity/exercise/item):

  1. Hurt yourself/others
  2. Cause minor/major destruction
  3. Break it
  4. Wind up walking around not knowing so simple a piece of information that, upon discovery, makes you completely embarrassed about it, that you post about it in your blog.