A Trigger

Yesterday was rather interesting, As I had delivered some blood in vials and tubes to the lab, I was walking toward the door when I realized where I was standing. I was in a light-colored, narrow hallway with doors on both sides, and I realized that this scene was all too familiar to me…

It was almost like that hallway that I saw, but these doors were Green and wood-brown, and those doors were a dark red… and this hallway was colored, and that one was pure white… I opened one of those red doors and saw Heaven, yet none of these doors would ever open anything close to that… They’re not the same. Which leads me to believe that this ‘trigger’ was meant purely as a reminder of that journey I took some time ago…

A rather interesting and random reminder, I’ve walked this hallway before, numerous times and it was only yesterday that I was reminded of this… Great, now I’ll always remember it whenever I do Lab runs… But, I’m curious as to why I’m reminded of the journey I took… It was quite some time ago, and right now it doesn’t serve me any purpose… Or does it?

Hmmm… My mind is circulating parts of  the journey, trying to piece together answers. I should put my journey in here, since this is my journal, but that can be for another time. Well, until it hits me like a ton of bricks, I’m afraid the reason why I’ve been reminded of this will remain as speculation, although I think it might have to do with the Cliff, or perhaps a reminder of what lies within that Straw hut.

Today, I saw a very interesting video about Guiseppi Moscati. In it, I saw a man who held his genuine desire to help everyone above everything else, even his own personal life. The girl of his dreams, a Princess, left him because she refused to wait for him, because he was always out helping others. And even though, he loved her with all his heart, when it came to helping others, there was no hesitation, he’d put on that white coat and submerse himself in helping others. It even got to the point, where he invited all of the people who couldn’t afford hospital care to his own home, which took him days to sort through, he wound up selling all his possessions for medicine for the poor people. He sacrificed SO much, just for the sake of his Passion… And as I’m watching, I’m wondering, “Would I do the same thing? Would I give up my own Life? Love? My very Soul, to help people? How much would I give if it was demanded of me?”

And then, I remembered my goals of trying to help my fellow man, through various means such as UNICEF and whatnot. So if I really want to help save the people of this world, is this what I have to look forward to?

Why all this hesitation? For goodness sakes! I shouldn’t hesitate at all when it comes to having opportunities to help someone! Have I become so shallow that I hesitate thinking about helping others at my own expense? I pray that I haven’t turned into such a coward.

I guess we’ll see how much will be demanded of me when I finally get in. But first I need to get past the MCAT and submit my application. We’ll see what God has in store for me.

For now, I need to just get there. Once I’m in Medical school, I can worry all about the technicalities then, for it does me no good worrying about it now.

So I find myself needing to find ways to keep myself inspired to keep going and trying as hard as possible. Triggers to the Cerebellum that causes inspiration and rekindle the Passion that lies within me.

I have to find these sparks of inspiration, and have them regularly so that I don’t stray from my path.

Finally, I got Chrono Trigger on my Android, so I’m happy about that. So much so, that that pretty much inspired this post.

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