A Rather Interesting Week… So far…

Sunday of this week, the Tire blew out on the new Van, we had to call someone to get it lifted high enough to have it changed, then the following day, I went to Sam’s Club to have it change, and it turns out that they were all Firestone tires, and the mechanic had to break a couple of Lug nuts just to change them, and today, when I was trying to get it to Riverside to let it have it’s tune up, and the damn thing breaks down on me, so I had to call in a Tow truck to get it to a dealership to get it fixed, and now we’ve reached the middle of the week, and there’s a phrase that goes, “After Monday and Tuesday, even the week goes W T F” and, although I never say ‘wtf’ I’m seeing more and more it’s ability to cover what has transpired throughout the week. Siiiiigh…. What a week!

Interestingly enough, with almost every person I had interacted with, there was a conversation about how the world has come to days when no one is honest anymore, when you can trust a man to do his job and not worry about trying to steal from anyone. Days when people looked at each other in the eyes and smiled with honesty, days when children were not afraid to play with others in their neighborhoods, days when the lines dividing friends and family almost always blurred, and meals were to be had by all.

Everyone worked, no one slacked… heh, even children worked in those days.

And it’s strange to think that those days were so far away, ancient history to some, and just a few short years past, for others. Quite honestly, I want to be one of those who can look people in the eyes and smile without any hesitation. To be able to face any chore, challenge, and activity with equal enthusiasm and energy.

You know what, something interesting happened to me today, while waiting for the tow truck guy, I was overcame with a feeling that I haven’t felt in quite some time… Helplessness. And whenever I’m faced with said helpless feeling, I laugh.

I just simply laugh…

I laugh at my situation, however out of my control it may be, I laugh at it…

I’ve always found it to be my best weapon against stress and frustration, and as far as I can tell, it’s what separates me from a LOT of people, while others clench their fists as well as their teeth, my hands are opened  and my smile is broad. While people lower their heads, my head flies back in roars, others growl and I guffaw.

However, the answer eludes me when the question of why I’m laughing at my own helplessness, I just do. I think I like the fact that I still don’t know, that I know why I do this. It protects it from me from the chances that I over analyze it and thus, completely ruin it for myself. It’s always good to let Life have some mysteries, otherwise, all curiosity will cease to be and we’ll all become desolate and boring.

Bah, I’m rambling. I’ll end this here.

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