“Be Water, My Friend”

I recently ran into a video someone posted about a Remix based on Bruce Lee’s most famous speech pertaining to how adaptation is the most important thing in life. Using pieces from the ‘Lost interview’ and from his various famous movies.

Now, as a guy I have my tendencies towards roughhousing and violence, but thanks to some refinement, I have sated this with my joy found in Martial Arts for the Philosophy and Discipline entwined it… *Ahem* and the Axe Kick.

But, what’s really interesting is that out of all of the elements, not chemical such as potassium, etc, but like Avatar, in which there is the Air, Water, Fire, Earth, Wood, Metal, Light, Shadow, and so on, I’ve found myself recognizing Fire as the element I associate with the most. If I were to look up various Zodiac information, I’m born with the element of Fire… Heh, having Red hair, might have something to do with it, though…

But the idea is that throughout life, one must maintain an open mind, and not restrict oneself with anything. Utilize everything from Traditions to New found ideals, so that whatever situation you find yourself in, you will be able to adapt to it.

The ideals are very simple, and yet they can cover SO much.

Constantly pushing yourself to every limit you can think of, and expanding your mind exponentially. The body is constantly growing and dying, changing and stabilizing, adapting. With this in mind, you can literally change every single aspect of your world, changing everything from language spoken, to weight, from appearances to mannerisms and conduct, even the foundations of one’s beliefs.

Humans are nothing less than manifested forms of raw potential. You literally can do anything you want, from jump from a plane to flying it, from saving one life to saving thousands, from listening to someone’s findings to having the world on the edge of their seats listening to yours.

There’s a piece of it where the interviewer asks Bruce Lee, what his political affiliations are, and I love his answer, “I am a Human Being… Like the Ask Confucius say, ‘Under the sky, under the heaven, there is but one family, it just so happens man, that people are different.'” This echoed with me, because I want to be more involved in politics despite the fact that everyone isn’t telling the complete truth, yet, Bruce Lee seems to go with what helps people best. It’s the people that this world is filled with, not money nor jewels, nor oil, nor property, but Life! To protect the land and the people living on it is all that’s important. Hmm… I will definitely remember this in the future. Heh, I should, it’s based on the same ideals as the Sib-Ring, except that the Sib-Ring is that only those wearing it are family, I guess, it’ll do for now, because as people are still new to — errr or have forgotten about — the ideals of what it means to be a good person, it shall remain a rather shiny secret….

… Huh, now that I think about it, it’s not really a secret, anyone who’s asked me about it, I pretty much told them. So it’s my shiny… answer? I guess…

… Sigh… 35 mins left… Tomorrow is going to be interesting… and gray… So very gray…

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