Red’s Journey

I was walking along a path. This path was new to me, and yet so familiar at the same time… along the path I saw a house. As I got closer the house became a small green hut. It wasn’t anything special, a really old-fashioned straw hut with a window and wooden door…. I walked inside the hut and I saw exactly what was expected, a single bed, a blank picture, a chair, a table and what not. yet there was another door. I walked inside the door and entered in a hallway with white walls and 5 dark red doors an each side. At the end of the hallway there was another door, when I opened it, I saw white clouds surrounding a grand castle, as if the clouds were part of the castle, I saw beings made of light floating about and I saw people walking about the castle, I only glimpse the palace for a sec, and then I left the hut…. As I was walking on the dirt path, it suddenly began to become hilly, with ups and downs each one higher and lower than the last…. I, oddly enough, passed a paper cup on the road. I looked at it and crumpled it up and tossed it in the garbage…. Suddenly, I came across a canyon in the middle of the way; I climbed it down a little and jumped to the other side…. As I came up, I saw a Rattlesnake waiting for me at the top. I remained still and stared the snake down. His yellow eyes staring straight into mines. Then he simply slithered away…. I got to the top and continued along my path…. I reached another end except this was a cliff. I looked down only to see a large lake at the bottom. At the end of the lake there was a Mother with her Child, and a Fisherman to the left side. My side of the lake was filled with rocks and there were rapids and high tides. Moments afterwards, the lake got clear and was zooming in towards me, the rocks were submerged and I saw my reflection… I left the lake and continued along my path… I came across a small key, observing it; it was a simple skeleton key, so I decided to keep it… Suddenly I came across a brick wall; it was just there red-bricks like the ones in a cartoon or something. It was in my way so I decided to climb it…. I looked at the other side, and I saw a vast and barren wasteland, filled with spires and stalagmites all over the land. It was dark and life only was in the form of vultures flying away in the distance, one would feel an evil and dark presence at the end of this wasteland, yet I felt a noble reason for going through it. It was as if I was meant to travel through this wasteland…….

“What is this path that Red is taking?” you ask. Well then let me explain it to you…

The hut is what you see when you look at me. How you see me is a simple and plain, old fashioned house, I am too old for these new times, heh heh….

Inside the hut is what you see inside. First of all it is what you expected, simple, plain and boring, nothing special at all. Yet if you travel deeper within me, you find that there is a way to Heaven, so to speak. My deepest core is that within this plain hut is the Kingdom of Heaven… a Kingdom of Conscious….

This path that I walk upon is what my future is. At first it’s pretty simple and flat, and then it becomes more difficult to walk upon. As you keep going you start to see hills and valleys and a canyon…

The paper cup is how I treat people. Don’t misunderstand, I don’t treat people like garbage, I take care of them. I did not leave the cup where it was, I placed it where it belongs, so you see, I took care of it….

The Rattlesnake is how I react to danger. I do not freeze nor, hesitate but I know what needs to be done. I know what to do in the face of danger and I know how to beat it….

The body of water is my emotional side. Granted, I was distant from my emotions for a very long time, even scared. But as time passed, I got much closer and my emotions began to become clear to me, allowing me to understand it. As for the Mother and Child, my emotions I must admit I learned from my mother, yet the Fisherman is beyond me, perhaps it is someone who knows more about my emotions than I do…

The key is the key to my knowledge. My knowledge is simple yet, like a skeleton key is universal. Some of you say I’m smart and wonder why I know so much, well it’s just like a key that can open any door, it’s just that simple….

The wall is my death. Oddly enough, my Death will be shocking and surprising. It will be a little irritating, I don’t know how. But it will be as if I hit a wall….

The last part of the journey is the other side of the wall; this is where I will be going after I die. Simply enough, I will be going to Hell, whatever I have done in my life, I will remember it as I walk through the wasteland that belongs to the Prince of Darkness. Although I can’t shake the feeling that I’m going there with Noble purposes….

Well now you have it, what you see here is Red, My Soul. Red is who I am while I was walking this path and Red knows where he will end up. I may not know why I’m walking this way, but I know it’s for the best… Heh heh…. see you around.

Some time ago, I wrote this, and being reminded of it a while ago, made me decide to post it here. It’s not exactly the reason why, I’ve made this journal, despite the same title… Heh, if anything, this is simply the ‘layout’ of this colorful life of mine.


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