Wake me up when September Ends

… It was one year ago today… at 6:43 AM… The phone call woke me up, but I went back to sleep, thinking, “Who’d call at this hour?“… And then John came into my room and all he said was…

“Dad fell……”

There was a light that was extinguished then… And I know that if he was here, he’d hit me over the head and call me Taras for being so sad and missing him… I’m only glad that I didn’t show it outwardly, I remained normal, and my usual self, yet, I’ve been dreading this post since July…

Has it really been a year already?…

I haven’t visited him since we placed him into the ground…

… Siiigh… I need to get my mind off of this… I want to write about him, about what I’ve learned from him, not about that day again… OK, here we go…

What I’ve learned from my Father…

“Keep at it. If there’s a problem keep working on it until a solution is found.”

When we would work on the cars, my Dad always seemed to know what the problem was, it was borderline instinctive! ‘Hey, Car’s shaking, it must be the Air Filter.’ or ‘The way this thing idles means that the fuel pump needs to be changed.’

… Whaaa?! How could you possibly know that?! The way it idles?!

He was completely confident in his diagnosis, and when we’d do what he thought — or knew, for that matter — was the solution, sure enough, the vehicle was running as if brought from the lot. It baffled me how deep his knowledge was when it came to how to fix things, not only for cars and vehicles, but for anything! With my Father, I did construction jobs such as putting drywall, painting, pipework, plumbing, even cementing, tilling and advanced gardening, far advanced than the average DIY handyman. When I asked him how he knew all this information, he simply told me, “Oh, I learned it from ______, and then I learned.”

Upon reflecting on it, I realized now that he didn’t simply just knew these things, like my childish mind had originally thought, someone taught it to him, then he practiced them, and then he mastered them, which means that the first few trust couldn’t have been perfect because he was learning, and learning is trial and error, reviewing, making mistakes and learning from them. Like exercising, you only get improvements if you do sets, repeating the same exercises over again, rather than one simple run through. The mind starts learning and growing, improving, all because of sticking to the problem at hand, until a solution is found.

A fight isn’t over in a single punch, no, fights are determined by who has trained themselves properly with the right equipment and techniques, and followed by the correct motivation. The fight is merely the results of one person pitted against the results of another. But I digress…

Every problem has a solution, sometimes it’s easy to find, others it’s hard, sometimes it’s simple, others it’s complex and difficult to understand, the point is that Every problem has a solution, if one is willing to stay with it and find it. This is what I’ve learned from my Father, and I learned this without words, without instruction, only through observation, through example, and eventually, through practice.

Hmm… I think I’ll dedicate September to my Father and everything he’s taught me… and everything he meant to me.


2 comments on “Wake me up when September Ends

  1. 16sedici16 says:

    This made me treary eyed. Great post! Your father was a great man.
    My dad passed away suddenly 4 years ago at the young age of 59. He was lucky enough to retire at 55 and enjoy the last 4 years of his life. He was bipolar and happened to go out on a high note but in his sleep. Now I’m crying and will leave this comment with this… please do dedicate this month of posts to your father and everything he taught you. It’s a good reminder to everyone, especially those with fathers still around that what you underestimate today may be gone tomorrow. It teaches gratitude – the most important life lesson in my opinion.

    • red1263 says:

      Heh heh, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you teary eyed. I’m glad that our fathers are at peace, this is really the only thought that stops the pain from taking over me. And yes, I will dedicate September to my father. Thank you for reading.

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