It Needs To Be Done

My brothers and I were sitting on the couch watching TV, then my Father walks into the room, looks at the TV, then looks at us, while our gazes remain fixated on the Idiotbox.

“Let’s go.” He says, suddenly, and we all move, the next moment finds him walking towards the door, and we’re behind him, awaiting instructions and a days worth of hard work. He the Mentor, Foreman, and Boss, and we were simply his workers.

This, was the moment that lead to the greatest times I’ve had with my Father. There was no questioning, nor arguments, it was just hard work, Pure and simple. I loved it.

However, I had forgotten what lied within my father, an aging body that’s getting weaker and weaker against the Will of a Man who simply knows what needs to be done.

My Father’s day starts at 4AM and from there he faces all the hardships of every possible form, from a life-draining drive, to thousands of degrees, to 7 rowdy children. and to top it all off, there’s no money for changing the brakes on the Van, the one of the toilets is backed up, and the backyard needs to be cleaned.

Heh, now that I have it out here, I wished I had behaved better…

So then, what does my Father do? He stands up, drops his gear, his lunch pail, his Thermos, his change of clothes, his sweater and jacket, changes his sweat-covered shirt, and then rolls up his sleeve and gets to work.

Most men, would put off such projects for the weekends or pay for someone to do the job for them, while they recover from their strenuous days, but my Father didn’t.

He was raised on the idea that when worked needed to be done, there’s no reason for putting it off. A lifetime of this, caused him to have an amplified metabolism and an extraordinary ability to shift into a one-track mind with unwavered priorities, not to mention constantly absorbing knowledge from everyone he’s interacted with.

This is what I admired most about him, he never questioned his abilities, nor his efforts, nor did he ever second-guess himself, it felt like he just moved and acted without any prior thinking, yet I realize now that his mind, when focused on a task, analyzes every single possibility and information, that can relate to the task at hand. Faster than any super computer, he comes to a singular conclusion as to what the problem truly consists off, and the quickest and most sufficient solution for said problem.

I long for that, to be able to harness such immense willpower so as to rejuvenate the weaken body, and push myself far beyond my limits, or to have trained myself so that my limits are similar to his… heh, that is to say, Limits that are far beyond the limits of others.

I’m still developing that. To keep pushing myself and go beyond the limits I currently have. A lesson that needs to be taken here is that, there will always be distractions, yet it is through experience and perseverance, does one develop the ability to push beyond one’s limits and do what needs to be done, on every and any level necessary, regardless of how my day was, or the things I’ve been through.

Heh, my Father and ‘Lazy’ were never in the same sentence, unless one was saying, “Dad, stop calling me ‘Lazy’!”

Thanks to this day and age, it’s easy to get lazy, and I’m no exemption to this, I hate it when I find myself lazy. But if I prove myself my Father’s son, then I have a feeling people are going to be rather shocked at how far I am willing to go, and will start telling me that I need to slow down, just as I tried in vain to slow down my Father. I now know why he never did, not because of pride, nor glory, but simply because it needed to be done.


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