This is My Sunrise

I have a tradition for every New Years Eve into New Years Day, it was staying up all night, to watch the sunrise.

I don’t remember how exactly I thought of this, perhaps it was an extension of  previous activities on New Years, but ultimately, it’s now integrated into my personal life.

What I usually do during the time between the days, is irrelevant, this year was Halo 4, last year was just standing outside with Sharky, my dog, but what matters is the actual sunrise itself.

The rest of the family is asleep, so I’m often alone in these tranquil hours, there’s an air of peace and stillness, it feels as if I’m almost in another world. Living in a family with so many members, I rarely have a moment to myself whet the next mind is miles away.

But the moments that pass flow like an endless river, and I’m the sole inhabitant of this small eternity. Every breath, every blink, every moment that passed is mine and mine alone. Observed by no other, I’m truly alone, it’s such a grand feeling and it’s only complimented by it’s end. For no man is an island, and even the loneliest of souls seek comfort in the company of another. The fact that I can isolate myself so absolutely, and come back is a rarity in this life, and oh, how I love it so.

This black space that stretches to infinity is mine, and it can only be replaced with the first rising of many a sun. I face this new year with many goals and ideals, but one thing is for certain: this is my year, and this is my sunrise.

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