Running myself ragged

During these last couple of days, I’ve found myself staring at a blank “Add New Post” screen. I’m wanting to post something new, and yet, nothing compelling comes to mind. When I think about what’s happened during those same days, I’ve realized that these are the same days where I’ve been driving around, doing errands and essentially, coming home tired.

It’s a bit ironic, I don’t have a paying job, yet my time is often swallowed up by doing what seems like random things, yet these things, eat up my days. It’s not even the same thing twice.

I suppose I should count my blessings that there aren’t too many complex things going on right now to drain me mentally, yet, I’ve found myself, just… unable to think about anything deeply.

Which is rather odd for an odd person like me…

But there are things that require some good amount of mental power, but what I’m referring to, was thinking recreationally. Reflecting on things or events in my usual manner, I’ve got nothing… or maybe nothing too significant has happened lately… or maybe I’m just not seeing it… Interesting… Perhaps my being physically tired has taken a toll on my ability to see things from another perspective.

In either case, I really can’t think of anything at the moment to write about… Heh… Ha ha ha… Oh well…


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