Piece by Piece

In the last few days, I’ve been able to obtain 3 letters of Recommendation, 1 from a Physician, and 2 from former employers, now I just need one more and then I’ll have a complete set!

Also, I’ve surprizingly made my sister-in-law cry and my eldest brother tear up with my Personal Statement. So now, I’m hoping that if the people reviewing my application would get teary-eyed as well, then I’d be set, but Vicky told me that it was because of the memory of my Father that was written in the Personal Statement. So I’ll need to modify it some more, and then I’ll have my application completed.

And then, it will all come together, like a completed puzzle, the Final Step in my Application, The One.

For now, anyways.

It’s strange being so close, and yet, I know in the back of my mind, that this is merely another step towards a VERY long journey, but how funny is it, when each of these steps only reveal themselves to be insignificant when passed, yet utterly unforgiving when you fail them, regardless of by how little or how greatly.

I guess that’s how Life is, if you don’t complete a step, you cannot move forward unto this particular path. For unless you complete this particular step, you will not be able to taste what is on the other side, those are the rules, this is what you’ve signed up for, this is how the game is played. Most people are so bound by the rules that they will never see an exit, they’ll never think that it was ever possible to break the rules, so lost in the Matrix that they no longer see it.

Heh, Piece by Piece…

Over the span of several years, I’ve laughed, cried, fought, bled, tasted defeat and victory, utilized science and religion, stood tall and fell short, made friends, enemies, and seen them both disappear, I’ve had my eyes blinded with rage and opened with wonder, my heart melted with love and broken with loss, my soul rekindled by hope and lost with sin, and my mind has remembered each and every sensation. each and every memory, and little by little has put them together, to inspire me, to teach me, to help me, and to guide me.

And everything I have done and thought, and haven’t, everything relevant and everything completely insignificant, all of it has, and will in the end be the building blocks, the foundation of who I am, and who I will be. People aren’t singular beings, they’re the sum up everything they’ve experienced, both good and bad, all of it, pieced together to make a Whole. We are literally walking worlds interacting with each other, each of us as individual and unique as the stars and planets themselves.

This world will change, of this I have no doubt, but what a lot of people don’t realize, is that these changes are simply pieces of smaller changes that have come together as a whole. Brick by brick, Hand by hand, Soul by soul.

Piece by piece.


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