An Experiment

I was watching the new show Hannibal on NBC, and I saw a scene where Dr. Lecter was at his desk drawing an image, I remember from the previous movies that Hannibal was able to draw various things rather well, now I’m not boasting I could do the same thing, but I do remember drawing the diagrams in my Biology labs and often times people were quite impressed by it.

Add this to my dilemma of trying to relearn the information I once knew, and a warning from Harlan that I should give myself a crash course on Human Gross Anatomy, and I think I’m going to try something rather interesting:

I am going to draw the human anatomy.

10 systems, each with their various unique organs and functions, varying from the large and broad to the simple and complex, man, I should’ve done this years ago!

But still, It’s going to be interesting, I’ve always learned best by doing things with my own hands, and to learn information straight from the book, has always been difficult, I need to ‘manipulate’ it, I’ve always imagined a 3-D model in space that I can move with my hands, kind of like how Tony Stark’s lab is, except, it’s all in my head.

This will require hundreds of hours and obviously lots of paper, but I’ve always wanted to keep my old lab notebooks, for some reason, and I think this is it. I’ve always liked drawing, and I’ve never wanted it to wither away, yet I always had a difficult time utilizing it to help me further my academic goals, but now, I think I’ve found a perfect solution to my problem!

It’s going to take some getting used to, it took me roughly 2 hours just to draw the Atlas/Cervical 1 Vertebrae and that’s basically a bony ring. Also, I seem to have a problem with symmetry, but thanks to the Quad Rule type of paper, in my first notebook, I can at least work on that, which probably means that I’ll take even more time trying to finish a drawing. But still, I think this is something I’d definitely be proud of!

I guess all that’s left is to make sure that I actually know everything about the structure I’m going to draw, not to mention, that it is probably not wise if I don’t make time for actively reviewing my Anatomy notes and books, right now.

I’ve still got some time to think about this, and plan exactly how I’m going to do it. I’m mainly leaning towards putting this as my Life goal in my NerdFitness 6-Week challenge, but we’ll see, I’ll be flying to Chicago in a couple of weeks, to visit my sister and the family, before they come here to California. So that’ll be fun, I’ll get to enjoy Chicago in a way that I hadn’t before.

So for now, I’ll give this a test drive, and maybe post a drawing or two, hopefully this will let me learn something that’ll stick to my mind. I know the information is in there, I just have to find it!


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