“I am Strong”

I’ve recently read an article on Nerdfitness.com about the words we use and their subliminal effects upon us. So a few days ago, in this new home, we’ve found something here. A presence that’s starting to scare the girls, and wake up my Bro-in-law at a particular time, and I’m covered with a sense of goosebumps, as my heart starts beating faster for when there’s nothing there, and it’s during my Rosary prayers.

So it’s here thatĀ I’ve decided to put it to the test. I was getting worried to go to my bedroom, despite the lack of personal, dare I say, paranormal interactions. I said to myself:

“I am Strong.”

I repeated it over and over again in my head, I let it echo and fill my mind.

“I am Strong.”

Soon, I begin to feel a force rise from within, I’m starting to feel complete, confident, almost angry. I faced the fear without any resolve, or hesitation. So I got me thinking that this concept has some merit to it. Even in the middle of being overwhelmed, all I do is constantly repeat to myself:

“I am Strong.”

And soon enough, my mind believes it, my body reflects it, and my very soul accepts it. This is something I need to constantly do in order to overcome my obstacles. So now I’ve been telling myself that I am all of the things I want to be, that I should be– no, that I am now.

I am Strong.
I am Faithful.
I am Tough.
I am Intelligent.
I am Humble.
I am not afraid of anything save the LORD.
I am a man who uses his abilities for others.
I am a man who loves his family.
I am a man who is good to his friends.
I am he who calls upon the LORD when he needs it.
I am a Gentleman.
I am a Knight.
I am a Good Man.
I am Strong.


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