Part 3 of my Heart-to-Heart with myself, this should be a good one.

verb: evaluate; 3rd person present:

  1. form an idea of the amount, number, or value of; assess.
    “when you evaluate any hammer, look for precision machining”
    synonyms: assessjudgegaugerateestimateappraiseanalyzeexamine, get the measure of;

    find a numerical expression or equivalent for (an equation, formula, or function).

Heh, you know I’ve noticed that all three words require me to take the stance in the 3rd person, which means that I have to step outside of myself to really get a firm grasp of this.

So this is where I should jot down all of the things that I deem important in my life, on every level. So let’s start externally and go inward.

The World:
This world and my place in it seems to be alright. I’m currently 26 years old and living with my Mom, Sister, her Husband and 2 Girls , and 3 other Brothers; I’m unemployed, but have a car; I have debt, but am getting help with that, as well as with the unemployment; I don’t have many possessions, but I’m glad for what I have; I don’t really need anything more, save for useless junk that I’d think would be cool to have, but that’s about it…

Hmm… This isn’t right. I’ve got it! There are Seven Dimensions of Wellness that I learned in Health, I should do my self-evaluation based on that! Using this

  1. Social Wellness: OK, So my social life has been somewhat lacking, I don’t have a girlfriend, but I’ve never really felt alone, in fact, my introverted side helps me with the suppression of that feeling, although at times, I feel as though I should hang out with friends more often.
  2. Emotional Wellness: Hmm. Well, my emotions not being in check is what brought me to this, so it’s safe to say that there’s something wrong with my Emotional wellness. Thinking about the greatest factor to me, emotionally, would be when my Father died, I felt as though I properly mourned him and acted according to what I believe he would have wanted me to do, which was to know that he loved me and I loved him and get back to work. I’ll always miss him, but I don’t think that his Death is the cause of my troubles.
  3. Spiritual Wellness: Ahh, now this is something I’m well aware that I’m lacking. I’m planning on reading the Bible more, starting with Luke, one chapter at a time, thanks to the guidance of a friend. I’ve also contacted the Young Adults Ministry that my church has, and I’ll be going to them sometime in the future to interact with other youths who have a greater faith than myself, with God’s grace, I’ll be closer to Him, so I know that this will improve in the future.
  4. Environmental Wellness: Now let’s see, I’m pretty good with the environment. I’ll be selling my Tahoe so I’ll be contributing less CO to the Ozone. I like gardening and although I have no personal plants of my own, I do help out watering the plants we do have. When I have my own home or even the funds to do so, I hope to plant trees.
  5. Occupational Wellness: Ahhh, This is something that I am most definitely not “well” in. After graduating, this all seems to have halted, I don’t have a job yet, and I’m not in med school, I’ll find out whether or not I got accepted soon enough, but for the most part, this has been pretty stagnant, I’ve no personal fulfillment in this area, nor do I belong to any professional team/organization. So this is something that needs my focus on to fix.
  6. Intellectual Wellness: Heh, this one is also another area I’m not “well” in. Although I do have a basic curiosity for things in the world, I don’t really pursue anything to the point of depth. I’ve all but forgotten my biology notes, and that’s what I majored in! I need to start reviewing what I once knew, and really feel like I know something! This isn’t stagnant, but it’s definitely something I need to work on also.
  7. Physical Wellness: Well, I guess this one is not so bad, granted, I hadn’t worked out at all since the ending of the challenge, but I’m already planning my next routine to attempt, and I’ll be exercising again soon enough. Although I should clean up my eating a lil, “Eating everything” isn’t exactly the healthiest of diets.

Hmm… So I think this is a good start… Well, it’s as good a start as any, I guess… Now that I’ve identified which areas in my life that need improvement, I can start taking steps towards making said improvements. Spiritual, Occupational, Intellectual. These are the usual things that divide good men from great men, now I guess we’re going to find out whether I’m a good man or a great man.


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