OK So I didn’t get a chance to post anything yesterday, so I’ll do a two-for-one deal here.

Day 3: Decide on one positive habit you’d like to implement in your life. Whether seemingly mundane (like flossing) or perhaps life-altering (exercising every day), think of something you’d like to add to your life that will be beneficial. Then, think about the steps you’ll take to get there, and how you’ll keep yourself accountable.

Day 4: Via negativia; today, pick a habit that you’d like to eliminate from your life. Bad habits are like armpits, we all have ‘em and they all stink. Whether cutting soda out of your life, or putting a stop to your porn addiction; either way, as with yesterday, think about the steps you’ll take in order to put the kibosh on that negative habit. And again, also think about how you’ll keep yourself accountable to that goal.

Heh, well this is ironic, Positive and Negative habits in one day. Alright then…

Positive Habits: One positive habit that I’d like to have in my life. Reading, I know lots of people who love to read, and it just feels like it’s something I want to do. All of the best people read in their lifetimes and they’re better off for it. I would like to broaden this to “Reading anything” to include textbooks, stories, instructional books, manuals, even comics and graphic novels. Hmmm… now to think about the steps required to make me into a reader… Well, I’ve made it into my upcoming NF 6-week challenge, so that’s one way, to making myself become a reader. I suppose I just need to take the time to step away from distractions, sit down and just read. Actually, I’ve been reading a chapter of the Bible every night before I go do my internet routine, and that’s working so far, so if I can just extend that or modify it, then I think I can become what I’ve always thought I’d never be, A Reader! Heh, so I guess in terms of keeping myself in check, I can always find people who are reading the same thing I’m reading and talk to them about it, Bible leads me to Bible study groups, Classes keep me in check with textbooks, and there are plenty of book clubs on and offline for anything else.

Negative Habits: Sigh… I chose to do this because it was going to be invasive and I try to stay as honest with myself as possible. If there’s one thing eliminated from my life that resembled anything close to a habit, it’s… sigh… OK, Sometimes in my weaker moments, I look up lustful images. I look up pictures of girls kissing other girls and so on. OK So to get rid of this habit, I need to keep myself in check, I have enough restraint not to go to porn websites, so I’m good there, but to stop me from just googling “girls kissing” is more of a mental task, I need to recognize myself going through the motions of this bad habit and find an immediate alternative to it. Since it’s during these midnight hours, I can always just turn off my laptop around this time and go to sleep, because I’m usually not doing anything important anyways in those hours, but if it’s still early, I can distract myself by reading, or exercising, or even drawing! Heh, This is a rather embarrassing “habit” for me, so I guess confessing to a Priest, or even typing it on here, would be one way to keep myself in check. I guess if I get close enough to a particular person to trust this information with, I can ask them to help me stay in check as well.

Wow, so that was fun. Ha ha ha, I knew I was going to have to confess something personal like that. Then again, I’m typing all this on an online journal that’s pretty much an open book to the public, so what’s a confession on a computer screen worth to anyone but myself? Anyways, I’m now caught up on this challenge, so I’ll end this entry here.


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