Tests, Allies, and Enemies

Day 10Take a look at the hero’s journey, and identify where you are in that journey. Doing so can help you better understand where you are in life, and help you figure out where to go next. You can take it in the context of your entire life, or you can take it in the context of a certain phase of your life. Either way, you can be sure that you’re part of a greater journey, and knowing what comes next can help guide you along.

Oh man! The Hero’s Journey! I love that formula! So let’s see, I need to place myself on the Hero’s Journey diagram


If I were to put my life on anything, I suppose it’d be on “Tests, Allies, Enemies” that state where I need to prepare myself for the road ahead. I’ve graduated Univ. and have taken the MCAT and submitted my application, so I guess that’s the “Tests” portion of my Heroic Journey. I guess that leaves “Allies, Enemies” Well actually, my sister and her family moving in with us, would be a great thing to put under my “Allies” list, because they’ve given me a car and are supportive beyond all doubt, the girls keep me humble and ironically, it was my tension with Siry that is causing me to understand and get to know my Faith better.

Under “Enemies” I don’t really know, I guess it took me longer than it should have to call about my transcript problems, that’s a mixture of mental hesitation and UCR not being as useful as they should be. Let’s see, Loans would be my “Enemies” because I need a job to pay for them, and, well let’s face it, no one likes Loans.

I guess if I was being metaphorically specific, I’m in the “Tests” portion of this stage. I’m being tested on several levels of my life:

  • As I try to surrender to the Will of God, my logical mind is interfering, therefore not allowing me to really let go and let God.
  • As I remain young and single, my will is tested every time I see something that tempts me to be reckless and dishonorable.
  • As I continue on this Path of being a Doctor, my wisdom, knowledge, and resolve are tested as things continue to into the unknown.
  • As I exercise, my resolve towards being stronger, is tested by my desires to sleep in and be lazy.
  • Life is always a constant test to see whether or not I’m a good man, or if I’m just saying I’m a good man.

So there I am, I guess that means that up ahead is the Approach, I suppose that’ll mean that once I get accepted into a medical school, I’ll be preparing myself for what will come ahead.


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