“Red: Slowing to a Crawl”

Day 16: Imagine that someone has decided to write a book about your life, just up to this point. What would the cover blurb say? Be honest here. Is it kind of boring? Are you happy with it? Now imagine what you’d like that blurb to say at the end of your life. What changes need to made for that to happen?

Heh, if someone were to look at my life up to this point, I think this would be the title that they would put. My life was exciting and running smoothly years ago, I had so many interesting activities going on, but then I graduated and was thrust into the wide world, where things don’t run so smoothly. I’m 26 with no job, and no idea what’s coming around the corner. I once was a boy who would dive headfirst into anything interesting, and now I’m just taking it slowly one day at a time. Heh, I’m not really happy with it, so I need to find some changes. so that at the end of my life it would be titled:

Red: a Good Man and a Good Doctor

So in order to do that, I need to make myself some rather severe changes. For one, getting into med school, and for the other, getting out of this mental/emotional/life rut I’ve found myself in. I also need to meet my standards of what I think a Good man should be, and that’ll take some time and effort as well. I need to make myself move forward, rather than just stay stagnant within safe borders. This is the ONE big change that I need to make: Actual effort towards moving forward in my life! So far I’m making small efforts, some Job applications here and there, reading the Bible (chapter by chapter), exercising, and the occasional hanging out with friends. But I’m missing something that will actually PUSH my life in a positive direction. So far, I’ve just been keeping my head up above the waters. I need to move forward.


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