One day for the Hands, One day for the Heart

Day 18: Identify one project you’d like to complete with your hands. There’s something special about a man doing work with his bare hands, and most men today have lost that. Maybe you want to start a garden, or build a workbench in your garage. Maybe you’ve been meaning to upgrade your bathroom on your own volition. Once you identify that one project, write about what you have to do in order to complete it. Detail the steps, the resources, the help you’ll need, etc. Then, set about doing it. Come back to this entry as motivation when you see yourself wavering.

Heh, Projects, Elbow Grease, getting down and dirty. I love it! To pick one that needs to be done soon, I suppose I’d go with changing the oil in my car. It’s a really simple process.

Since I drive a car and not a truck/SUV, I’m going to have to lift up the car with a Jack, identify the locations of the Oil Plug and the Oil Filter using the book about the details of the car, then putting a piece of cardboard underneath I’ll slide under with a 13-inch socket and some rags, I’ll ratchet the plug loose, then place an Oil pan underneath the plug, remove said plug, and let all of the oil come out, then replace the plug after some cleaning with a rag, thoroughly, then place the Oil Pan under the Oil Filter, and remove the Oil filter trying to spill as little oil as possible. Then I’ll take out the new Oil Filter, and open an Oil can, and dip my finger in it, and spread the oil on the ring on the Oil Filter as well as on the treads that attaches the filter onto the car. Then attach said filter to the car after cleaning up the designated location and then checking that everything is set and tightened. Once that’s done, I’ll take everything out from underneath, and lower the Car so that I can refill it with 5-6 cans of oil. I like to look underneath to make sure no oil is leaking as I’m pouring the oil, and once that’s done, I turn on the car and, while still in Park, accelerate a little to get the oil to spread throughout the car, after a few mins, I turn off the car and walk away knowing I did a job well done!

Day 19: Reflect on your romantic relationship(s), and identify one area in which you’d like to improve. Be it your wife, fiance, or new girlfriend, there’s sure to be something you can do to make the relationship even better. If you don’t have a romantic partner in your life, perhaps you can identify past failures that you’d like to improve in your future relationships. You can choose to talk about this with your partner, or not. Either way, you’ve now put your relationship top-of-mind and will be more attuned to being intentional about keeping it healthy.

Ha ha ha, Romantic relationships. I don’t suppose improving my entire area under “Relationships” is an option. So it tells me to look at past failures. Well that’d bring me all the way back to LSU, when I had a pretty hard crush on a girl there who was from Thailand. I first saw her at the Health office where she worked, and simply thought to myself, ‘Hey, she’s cute.’ Little did I know, that she’d be in the same lab that I would sign up for, well long story short, we were chatting late at night, and she said that she wanted to be friends in the end. I guess, I should’ve fought for it. I merely left it up to her, thinking that I didn’t want to push her too hard and eventually away. But looking back on it, I didn’t push hard enough, if not at all. I hesitate and get concerned that I would be viewed as possessive or overbearing, but in the end, I hesitated because I’m somewhat concerned about the commitment. I feel like I can’t make the investment both required and demanded of me. Looks like I’ve got some issues that need resolving.


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