Same Dream, Different Route

Sometimes an answer stares at you right in the face. For what seems to be the longest time, I’ve always thought that my path to Doctorhood, was a straight route, albeit difficult, but straight, nonetheless. But now I’ve come to realize that sometimes God has different plans for us, and I’ve been avoiding this change subconsciously for a couple of years now.

My dream has always been to be a doctor, to wear that white coat that symbolizes the level of responsibility and gravity that comes along with it. That being said, I believe I’m going to take a different route to get there. If my destiny is truly to end as a doctor, then perhaps this is merely a test to see whether or not I’m worthy of such a goal.

I’m going to apply to a Physician’s Assistant school.

This is something people have been telling me for years to try, it’s only 2 years, it’s a Masters Program, and once obtained, I will be working in the hospital, like I’ve always wanted to.

I think it’s God trying to test my intentions, to bring to light whether or not they’re really pure. I mean who knows, maybe I’ll stick to just being a PA and settle with that, or maybe I’ll be driven further to pursue my dream of becoming a Doctor.

But I believe that if this really God testing me, or rather, forging me into someone worthy of becoming a Doctor, then I need to prove to Heaven and Earth that I can do this. I remember my Journey when I climbed down a canyon, then lept across the way, the amount of steps that I took downward stayed with me: 3. Three steps before I made that leap, that means something! I graduated in 2012 and the starting classes for the PA school is in 2015 and during those years I wasn’t idle nor was I simply wasting time, I moved my family from one home to another, I helped my nieces get registered for school here in California, and spent time getting to know everyone on a deeper and more connected level, gaining trust that will last me lifetimes. Each and every day of these years was practically random with something new rising up to take up my attention. Some people take a year off or so, to discover themselves, I on the other hand, already know who I am and what matters most to me, all that’s left is to simply put it in action.

So now, my time will be spent focusing on trying to get into this school that will help me realize if this path is what God wanted for me, or if it’s something I wanted for myself. To prove whether or not, I’m trying to do good things because of the gifts received by God or because of something much less resolute.

If my resolve is truly solid, or if I’m going to fizzle out and settle for something less. Heh, I guess time will tell what’s going to come next. This is pretty exciting!


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